The international community has recognized Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela for over a year, yet Nicolás Maduro’s regime remains in power in Caracas. Last week, a group of ex-Venezuelan soldiers and American mercenaries tried to oust Maduro, only to be quickly defeated by forces loyal to the regime.

AEI’s Roger Noriega joined the show to talk about the attempted coup and US policy toward Venezuela. He explains how the opposition movement has been infiltrated by Cuban intelligence, what the Trump administration should be doing, and how illicit drugs and transnational organized crime in Venezuela affects Americans.

Roger Noriega is a visiting fellow at AEI, where he coordinates the Latin America program. Before AEI, he served as assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs in the Bush administration, as the US ambassador to the Organization of American States, and as director of Latin America policy on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Download the transcript here.

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