Taiwan, an island just 81 miles off the coast of China, should have seen the second-largest outbreak of coronavirus in the world. Yet, despite lies from Beijing and exclusion from the World Health Organization, Taiwan has emerged as a model for pandemic management. How did Taiwan do it?

Bi-khim Hsiao, Senior Advisor to Taiwan’s National Security Council, joined the show to explain how Taiwan has all but defeated the coronavirus. She also discusses China’s disinformation campaign, cross-Strait relations, and whether Taiwan faces a heightened military risk from Beijing.

Bi-khim Hsiao is Senior Advisor to Taiwan’s National Security Council and a former member of the Legislative Yuan from the Democratic People’s Party. She received an MA from Columbia University and a BA from Oberlin College.

Download the transcript here.

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  1. Architectus Coolidge

    Great podcast, conversation and guest. Imagine if the bright, knowledgeable, calm and well-spoken Bi-khim Hsiao was in a leadership position in, umm, the larger part of China. No limit to what they could accomplish – for good rather than ill. 

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    • April 21, 2020, at 5:42 PM PDT
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