We are now entering the fourth school year that will be affected by COVID-19. What can we expect? What have we learned so far? And does anyone still care?

What should we be keeping our eyes on as another year rolls around? Evolving safety protocols? School spending? Student behavior? Potential teacher shortages? New vaccines?

To discuss these questions and more, Nat invited John Bailey onto the podcast for a conversation. At AEI, John studies technology and education, and since the start of the pandemic he has written over 550 COVID-19 Policy Updates on his Substack.

Show Notes:

John’s COVID-19 Policy Updates

Nat’s Return to Learn Tracker

Reset Strategies Now, Prepare for the Future

A Failure to Respond: Public School Mask Mandates in the 2021–22 School Year

Pandemic Enrollment Fallout: School District Enrollment Changes Across COVID-19 Response

Bush Pandemic Preparedness Plan

2022 School Pulse Panel: Student Behavior

Student achievement in 2021-22: Cause for hope and continued urgency

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