Do modern campuses actually value ideas and intellectual discourse? Should there be limits on capitalism? Is modern architecture bad? Sir Roger Scruton and Christina Hoff Sommers join ‘Viewpoint’ on the AEI Podcast Channel to discuss each of these topics and more.

This conversation originally aired on the AEI YouTube Channel on March 22, 2017.

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Published in: Culture

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  1. Eugene Kriegsmann Member
    Eugene Kriegsmann

    I was particularly struck in the latter part of the podcast when Ms. Sommers talked about the fact that she felt that her ideological opponents seemed to hate her. In the age of Donald Trump’s candidacy and presidency, this has spread to the right (sort of ) as well. There seems to be a good deal of animosity felt by Trump supporters towards anyone who disagrees with them to any extent, not just the never-Trumpers. All one need do to be a target of animus is to say something negative about Trump or something he has done. There are few, if any, arguments forwarded, just nastiness. Recently we have seen threats to discontinue membership at Ricochet because some podcasts are uncomplimentary to Trump. Again, there are no refuting arguments to the contrary of what has been said, just anger and a stated desire to see these podcasts shut down. It seems to me that one of the worst things Trump has done is to bring some of the worst behaviors of the left over to the right. This is really unfortunate, as it is breaking down the ability of the right work through the differences in a manner traditional to it. While the left finds no problem in uniting against Trump, the right seems unable to unite against the left and its methods. We don’t all have to buy onto the Trump train to do that.

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