The Deep Dive is back this week with Part II of a wide-ranging conversation with the Niskanen Center’s Sam Hammond. In this episode, John and Sam explore the growing ascendancy of so-called “economic patriotism” among conservative policymakers and pundits, characterized by a deep skepticism towards globalization and an embrace of industrial policy. They also discuss the rationale for policies that target left-behind places, and unpack what critics and supporters alike might be missing about the federal Opportunity Zones program.

commentary has been published in the Atlantic, the National Review, and the
American Conservative. He has also been featured in New York Magazine, the Wall
Street Journal, the Washington Post, Vox, and Slate. He previously worked as an
economist for the Government of Canada specializing in rural economic
development, and as a graduate research fellow for the Mercatus Center at
George Mason University. You can follow him on Twitter @hamandcheese.

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