‘New Skills Marketplace’ — Introducing a new podcast from Andy Smarick and John Bailey

Welcome to the New Skills Marketplace podcast on the AEI Podcast Channel. Hosts Andy Smarick and John Bailey will be exploring new and innovative approaches to education, human-capital development, and preparation for the workforce in a world where technology and globalization have changed the nature of work.

Each Tuesday, starting September 19, they’ll interview some of the most innovative and prominent thinkers and practitioners across the landscape of education and workforce development, including leaders in American secondary and postsecondary education, philanthropy, the nonprofit sector, the research and policy communities, and more.

Together with their guests, they’ll be trying to answer: how can today’s and tomorrow’s social entrepreneurs, employers, schools, and others better serve all of our citizens, young and old, so they possess the information, skills, habits, and beliefs needed to succeed in the world of work?

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  1. Penfold Member

    Luckily you could not see my Clint Eastwood Disgusted look I gave while listening to your grill assembly story.  Is this the future of the male of the species?

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