As technology proliferates, worries about children spending too much time in front of screens have become common.

In this episode of “The Report with Nat Malkus,” on the AEI Education Podcast, Jenny Radesky and Erika Christakis join host Nat Malkus to give families tips on how to manage media use and discuss what we know about screen time, how parents’ screen time affects childrens’ development, and what we still need to learn to understand the effects of technology on children.

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  1. Joe D. Inactive
    Joe D.

    I am guessing twitter is way more used by you media peronsalities than it is by the masses. I use facebook. I tried to use twitter and lost interest – and only check it out when there is news going on I want immediate updates for – or if I really want to read about something that I heard is trending. So, maybe once a month.

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  2. colleenb Member

    Very interesting conversation with both guests.  (1) I would be interested in a discussion on whether ANY media is really needed in the classroom until junior high or later.  I think kids should start with paper and pencil, graduate to pen, and then, maybe, some sort of screen.  I think all the screens in the classroom are not helping and may actually be harming learning.  (2) My daughter-in-law is very good about trying to limit any screens for our grandchildren (2 and a few months and newborn).  It is hard – especially for a certain grandparent – but I think she is doing a good job.  She does use a small DVD player with the older child occasionally but its mostly books, play, and running around.  I cannot praise her and my son enough for how intentional they are about this.  And I think you have to be that way because the smart phone/screen is so powerful.  (By the way, no television in the house.)



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