In this episode of the Bradley Lecture Series Podcast, we’re revisiting “Recovering the Case for Capitalism” by Yuval Levin, Hertog Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, originally given at AEI’s headquarters in January of 2010.

Though much has changed in the American political landscape since that time, many of the forces arrayed against capitalism remain the same. Levin’s lecture provides an affirmative argument for democratic capitalism. But it’s not an argument for a caricature, or for moral license, or for laissez-faire. It is an argument for the moral good of national wealth, of diffuse power, and of virtues encouraged by market pressures, but also by tradition, family, and love.

Levin argues that the friends of capitalism must rise to its defense and understand its character as both an economic and a moral enterprise whose health and strength are essential to the future of the larger American enterprise.

This lecture was originally given on January 11, 2010. Full details can be found on the original event page here.

To view a full list of the Bradley Lectures, see the Bradley Lectures page on the AEI website.

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