In this episode of the Bradley Lecture Series Podcast, released for President’s Day 2019, Walter Berns discusses the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. The ideas contained in this lecture were the fruits of life-long study and reflection, and Professor Berns offers us additional reasons for sharing his regard for Lincoln, a man supreme in both word and deed.

As we learn from Walter Berns, Abraham Lincoln may be said to be the poet or maker of the Americans, both by teaching us what to think about our place and posture in the world and the meaning of our humanity, but also by his own heroic example of what it takes to defend, preserve, and live up to the highest principles of our common life.

This lecture was originally delivered at AEI in February of 2009.

To view a full list of the Bradley Lectures, see the Bradley Lectures page on the AEI website.


A video tribute to Walter Berns 

Bradley Lecture Series Podcast: Abraham Lincoln at 200 with Walter Berns
Wilson Shirley

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