Are prison nurseries, that house incarcerated mothers and their young children, effective? Moreover, are they moral? And what impact do active fathers have the development of children, especially for girls?

These are some of the issues Ian and Naomi tackle in this episode. Together, they discuss the efficacy and ethics of prison nurseries. They then talk about the crucial role fathers play in child development, ending with a Congressional Black Caucus report on the suicide crisis among black youth.

Show Notes:
– Explosion in the incarceration of women (0:37)
– Prison nurseries (2:17)
– Mass incarceration, nonmarital births, importance of fatherhood (7:01)
– Suicide in the black community (11:26)

As More Mothers Fill Prisons, Children Suffer ‘A Primal Wound’ (The New York Times)
On prison nurseries (National Affairs)
Ring the Alarm: The Crisis of Black Youth Suicide in America (Congressional Black Caucus)

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