In this AEI Events Podcast, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joins AEI’s Marc Thiessen for a conversation on how Congress and the White House can work together to advance US interests around the globe and ensure the nation’s continued security in the coming year. In the wide-ranging discussion, Sen. Graham lays out his vision for the future of immigration reform and how those efforts may affect defense spending.

Graham highlighted the importance of addressing the question of legal status for “Dreamers” and undoing the damage sequestration has done to military readiness. He expressed optimism that there would be enough bipartisan agreement on these issues for deals to be made.

The discussion also addressed some of the most pressing national security issues, including how the United States should proceed regarding North Korea and Iran. Sen. Graham expanded on his assessment of possible US military action in North Korea, expressing doubt that a traditional containment strategy would work. On the detention and interrogation process for terror suspects, Sen. Graham said the government needs to change its legal approach so the criminal justice system does not compromise the government’s ability to gather valuable intelligence.

In 2017, Congress reasserted itself in the formation of foreign and national security policy, passing tough sanctions on Russia and reexamining the president’s authority to launch nuclear strikes. The year 2018 will likely bring further national security challenges for Congress and the Trump administration. Extremist groups continue to foment terror worldwide, and North Korea’s unrelenting ballistic missile and nuclear testing threatens to push the region closer to war.

This event took place on January 17, 2018.

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Published in: Foreign Policy