On this AEI Events Podcast, AEI hosts a conversation with experts on agriculture and the environment in 2018. The discussion centered around new papers in AEI’s “<a href=”http://www.aei.org/spotlight/agricultural-policy-in-disarray/”>Agricultural Policy in Disarray</a>” paper series. Erik Lichtenberg, a professor at University of Maryland, presented his report on conservation programs. He argues that reform of funding allocation mechanisms is needed to improve the efficiency of conservation funding.

Next, Nathan Hendricks from Kansas State University discussed his findings on the debates between agricultural and environmental interests about the Clean Water Rule. He advocated for pursuing market solutions in which parties causing the damages agree to a transaction that improves water quality and clearly defining the property rights for agricultural nonpoint emissions.

Finally, Aaron Smith, a professor at University of California, Davis, spoke about the future of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). He argues that we can draw three main lessons from 10 years of the RFS: incorporate uncertainty, do not give the regulator too much discretion, and do not mandate things that do not exit.

AEI’s Vincent H. Smith moderated the discussion and posed questions to the panelists about how their work relates to agricultural policy in 2018.

Watch the full event video here.

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