On this AEI Events Podcast, Martha’s Table President and CEO Patty Stonesifer provided insights from her career in the private sector, in the philanthropy space, and as the head of a nonprofit organization. In a conversation with AEI’s Toby Stock, Ms. Stonesifer discussed her years at Microsoft when the organization was a small but growing tech company with lofty ambitions. She continued with insight into her role working with Bill and Melinda Gates on creating and selecting a focus area for what would become the world’s largest charitable foundation—the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ms. Stonesifer discussed moving from the world of philanthropy to the world of nonprofit management, overseeing the DC-based social services organization Martha’s Table. The conversation focused on how to provide essential services for those who need it most, how nonprofit organizations can effectively communicate their work to external stakeholders, and how effective partnerships can help scale a nonprofit organization’s work. The event concluded with a look into the future of Martha’s Table, including the opening of two new locations in 2018.

Watch the full event video here.

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  1. mildlyo Member

    Never heard the phrase “food justice” before. So, the takeaway is that the Gates Foundation fortune will be spent on free farmer’s markets in the poorest neighborhoods of Washington DC.

    In the midst of the deepest generational poverty we have, in an obesity epidemic, the money will go to making the poor eat the right sort of calories.

    The story about how hurt Bill Gates was to find that the early years of his philanthropy were universally taken as a clever ploy to sell more copies of Windows was amusing.

    What else. She was disappointed that her subordinates expected to be paid. In a foundation managing many billions of dollars.

    I find myself sure that the Gates Foundation can continue for many generations without running out of people to help.

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