obvious that we live in a networked age, but it is not obvious how to
understand the effects that modern technologies are having on the way will
live, love, relate, and govern. How are social media and other Internet
platforms shaping us — and how should we shape them?

new report from University of Oxford and Templeton World Charity Foundation, “Citizenship in a Networked Age: An Agenda for Rebuilding our
Civic Ideals
,” attempts to reckon with such weighty matters, seeking the
relationship between human nature and modern technology. Do the classical paradigms of citizenship account for this
networked age? What virtues ought we cultivate to promote human flourishing in
our new public square?

AEI resident scholar Adam White will explore this report, and some of its themes, in a series of four AEI Events Podcast episodes. And we begin with his conversation with two of the report’s authors, Professor Andrew Briggs and Dr. Dominic Burbidge.

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