This week on Banter, we’re joined by AEI Resident Scholar Ken Pollack to discuss the rise of Qayis al-Khazali in Iraq. Khazali, a violent terrorist who leads the Asaib Ahl al-Haq (AAH) network, was captured and interrogated by US-led coalition forces in 2007. The recently declassified tactical interrogation reports paint a fascinating portrait of anti-American Shia forces in Iraq. AAH captured 15 seats in Iraq’s parliamentary elections in May. How did Khazali rise to political prominence and what implications does that have for the future of Iraq? You can find links to a brief report Dr. Pollack published in August about the Khazali network and the Khazali interrogation reports below.

Learn More:

The unfortunate rise of the Khazali network | Ken Pollack | AEI | August 2018

The Qayis al-Khazali papers 

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