This week we sat down with David French to discuss the new media venture he is helping launch, The Dispatch. We also discuss if he is optimistic about the future of conservatism in America, the Democratic primary race, identity politics, impeachment, the meaning of “David French-ism,” his near-presidential run in 2016, and much more.

David French recently joined The Dispatch as a senior editor after several years as a staff writer at National Review. Before that he was president of the Foundation of Individual Rights in Education and served as a JAG officer in the US Army during the Iraq War, where he was awarded a Bronze Star.

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What is “David French-ism”?


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  1. BillGollier Coolidge

    Interesting Podcast and like with Jonah I agree with much of what is discussed. However, I think again David and also Jonah are underestimating the percentage of African Americans and Hispanics that may well vote for Donald Trump. David keeps discussing the “white” working class; I would venture that some of that spills over to the African American and Hispanic working class as well. Do not underestimate the work that Candice Owens, Jason Riley, Brandon Tatum and Larry Elder are doing not to mention the economy. . There is a real chance that Donald Trump could win 18-20% of the African-American vote even if just because they feel used by the Democratic Party. I think that there are some deeper forces at work here and David and Jonah’s views of Donald Trump are making them miss that. 

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