This week on Banter, we’re joined by AEI Research Fellow Dalibor Rohac to discuss how populism in Europe and the United States has weakened core transatlantic institutions such as the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Rohac recently co-authored a new report with AEI Senior Vice President for Foreign and Defense Policy Danielle Pletka and Center for American Progress Senior Fellow Vikram Singh titled “Partnership in Peril: The Populist Assault on the Transatlantic Community,” which puts forth an agenda for how key transatlantic partnerships can be reinvigorated in a politically sustainable, even populist, way. You can read the full report below.

Partnership in Peril: The Populist Assault on the Transatlantic Community | Danielle Pletka, Dalibor Rohac, and Vikram Singh | AEI and the Center for American Progress | July 31, 2018

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