This week on Banter, AEI Resident Scholar and Director of Russian Studies Leon Aron discusses the threat Vladimir Putin’s Russia poses to six countries in Europe and Central Asia. Dr. Aron recently released a new collection of essays titled “To Have and to Hold: Putin’s Quest for Control in the Former Soviet Empire.” The essays assess the likelihood and form of potential Russian intervention in six neighboring countries: Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Dr. Aron hosted a release event for the essays at AEI featuring the compilation’s authors and Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) for a discussion on the threat Russia poses to the West on the eve of his reelection.

Learn More:

To Have and to Hold: Putin’s Quest for Control in the Former Soviet Empire | Leon Aron, ed. | American Enterprise Institute | March 14, 2018

Present and future dangers on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s reelection | Leon Aron | AEI Public Event Video | March 14, 2018

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  1. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    I could expand on your analogy on Putin thinking the results of the end of the Cold War was like the Versailles Treaty.  The end of the Cold War was also like the end of WWI in that the enemy surrendered before being occupied, which meant that Germany was not forced to fully reform.  This was one of the causes of WWII.  At the end of WWII Germany was forced to reform, and has not been aggressive since then.  I hope this analogy does not fully play out and there is a post-Cold War war.

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