Banter #295: Mark Schneider on postsecondary earnings outcomes

In Banter’s fifth installment of the “Bridging the Dignity Divide” series, AEI Visiting Scholar Mark Schneider joined the show to discuss alternatives to the traditional bachelor’s degree, such as associate and certificate programs, and the differing earnings outcomes of these programs. This research was featured in the new report “Degrees of Opportunity: Lessons Learned from State-Level Data on Postsecondary Earnings Outcomes.” In addition to his role at AEI, Schneider is Vice President at the American Institutes for Research. He is the author and editor of numerous articles and books on education policy and has been working to increase accountability by making data on college productivity more publicly available.

About the “Bridging the Dignity Divide” Series

Over the next few weeks, Banter guests will address topics such as ending the opioid epidemic, expanding career and technical education, reintegrating the incarcerated into society, promoting work and family formation to overcome poverty, and uniting the country. This series is part of a broader institutional push to help close the dignity gap by creating a culture and economy where everyone is objectively and authentically necessary. The links below provide more information on AEI’s work promoting dignity.

Learn More:

Degrees of Opportunity: Lessons Learned from State-Level Data on Postsecondary Earnings Outcomes | Mark Schneider and Rooney Columbus | AEI | October 20, 2017

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The Dignity Deficit | Arthur Brooks | Foreign Affairs | March/April 2017

A Spotlight on Human Dignity | Arthur Brooks | AEI | November 8, 2017

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