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  1. RS711 Listener

    Glad to have a David French podcast back on Ricochet.

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    • February 11, 2020, at 7:17 AM PST
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  2. Taras Coolidge

    David is probably wrong about the history of free speech suppression on campus in the pre-radical days.

    The “conservative” administrations he speaks of were, of course, liberals. Who, as ex-Marxist Eugene Genovese testified, protected their radical and Marxist faculty members from outside attempts to remove them from their cushy sinecures.

    The liberals’ reward for their tolerance of radicalism was to be shoved aside and marginalized, once the radicals took control of each faculty. Reminding us once again of what happened to people who tried to make coalitions with communists, for whom the coalitions were always nothing more than means to an end.


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    • February 11, 2020, at 5:42 PM PST
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