The president has a new social media executive order. What happens if Trump loses in November, but doesn’t want to leave? Qualified immunity and the Fourth Amendment in the context of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. House of Representatives allows proxy voting for the first time this week. And a Central Park video sparks a national conversation. David and Sarah have thoughts.

Show Notes:

David’s piece The Growing Threat to Free Speech Online

Republican lawsuit to block proxy voting

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  1. Jim Wright Coolidge

    There are many topics on which I respect David French, but his myopia regarding Trump is often painful to observe. The thoughts he’s willing to entertain, such as “what happens if January 2021 rolls around, Trump has lost, but refuses to give up the presidency?

    There’s no question Trump has been an unconventional president. His Twitter feed is worthy of 4-chan or a Comedy Central roast (where the jokes are often more mean than funny, and where he’s been the guest of honor and clearly took notes). But when it comes to actions, compare Trump’s relationship with the rule of law compared with, say, his predecessor’s. How many 9-0 decisions went against Obama, and how often did he just scratch his nose with digitus imputicus and keep on doing whatever he wanted? Who slammed SCOTUS for its decisions from the bully pulpit of the state of the union? Who led campaigns discrediting the integrity of the supreme court in advance of important decisions to sway opinion? Who undermined his successor before, during, and after the election?

    Trump is – how did Spy put it? – a short-fingered vulgarian far too often. His willingness to break out the blood libels – Zodiac killer, JFK assassination, now Joe Scarborough’s staffer – is deeply disturbing, though again it’s a tactic the Left uses all the time without much comment, or even praise (Romney as cancer-killer CEO and dog-torturer, anyone?)

    I’m not saying you have to love Trump. I don’t. I didn’t vote for him (regretful McMullin writer-inner here). But to build him up as the Ultimate Bogeyman, after eight years of the Teleprompter Messiah, is ridiculous. He’s a New York performance artist; to quote Tom Lehrer, in New York, Obscene is just another word for Sophisticated. The Left is just mad he didn’t run as a Democrat like he was when they were begging him to run for POTUS in the 80s and 90s, and is using their tactics against them. I frequently dislike it, but when they took the most decent candidate in recent memory in 2012 and turned him into History’s Greatest Monster, thinking they’d found the formula for permanent victory, they practically begged the GOP to nominate someone who wouldn’t care one whit what they accused him of, who would happily embrace whatever slur they threw at them and stuff it back down their throats at twice the velocity.

    Yes, it doesn’t speak well for the state of the union that we nominated a 4chan troll and erstwhile Democrat in our desperation to beat Hillary. But the worst thing to witness, from the Pacific and Mountain time zones, is what others have become and continue to be in response to him. We know what he is. That so many insist on bringing out the worst in his Twitter persona speaks as poorly of them as it does of him.

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    • May 28, 2020, at 10:12 PM PDT
  2. Hank Rhody, Badgeless Bandito Contributor

    So… you’re saying that if we don’t allow Twitter editorial control then Twitter becomes a sewer? How would I distinguish this sewer from the one that Twitter already is?

    Oh, yeah, child pornography. Y’know, that stuff is illegal; maybe we could figure out a way to let them moderate stuff not covered by the 1st amendment while not assuming they have to moderate stuff that is?

    Heh, lookit me, pretending that anything that happens on Twitter matters.

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    • May 29, 2020, at 9:04 PM PDT
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