This week, Dan Hugger, Michael Matheson Miller, and Stephen Barrows examine the collapse of the crypto currency exchange FTX and the sentencing of former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes. How should we think about fraud in business? What is the role of corporate governance in securing the common good? How should investors and prospective clients best do their due diligence on companies they use and invest in? How do disreputable corporate leaders utilize regulatory and ideological capture to deceive? Is crypto currency itself a scam? What is the role of conscience in business and what does justice and repentance look like for disgraced business leaders?


Sam Bankman-Fried’s Alameda quietly used FTX customer funds for trading, say sources | CNBC


The Collapse of a Cryptocurrency Guru | Titus Techera, Acton Institute


Emoji for expenses, penthouses and slipshod accounting: The most damning details from new FTX CEO’s report | CNBC


Sam Bankman-Fried tries to explain himself | Vox


How FTX bought its way to become the ‘most regulated’ crypto exchange | Reuters


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