This week, Eric Kohn, Sam Gregg, and Dan Hugger discuss Netflix standing up to the woke mob coming after Dave Chappelle for his new comedy special, The Closer, in which he makes jokes about the trans-rights movement. Can we view this as a watershed moment in the culture wars? Or is Netflix just defending their $60 million investment in the legendary comedian? Then, the supply chain has problems. Between that, high energy prices, employment problems, and inflation, are we staring down the barrel of a repeat of the 1970s? Next, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been out for two months on paternity leave. Setting aside the political-football aspect, how should we think about paternity leave in the modern culture and economy? And finally, we end with a new segment called Recommendable, where the crew will recommend articles, books, podcasts, or anything else they found important and recommendable throughout the week.


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Defending Dave Chappelle | National Review


Jews in Space | History of the World Part 1, Mel Brooks


Jon Gruden emails, explained: Raiders coach resigns following release of damning messages | Sporting News


Pete Buttigieg defends being on paternity leave amid supply-chain crisis | New York Post


Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek | EconStories




Eric – We Got Here Because of Cowardice. We Get Out With Courage | Bari Weiss, Commentary


Sam – Abusing the Power of the Purse, with Philip Hamburger | Law & Liberty


Dan – India Before Modi: How the BJP Came to Power | Vinay Sitapati


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