On this episode, National Review senior editor Jonah Goldberg speaks about his latest book, “Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Nationalism, Populism, and Identity Politics Is Destroying American Democracy.” Jonah will also be speaking at our upcoming annual conference, Acton University, held in Grand Rapids, and you can still register to hear him during the plenary dinner on Wednesday, June 19. After that, James Patterson, professor of politics at Ave Maria University, joins us to talk about the legacy of Fulton J. Sheen, a catholic priest in America who was primarily known for his popular books, radio broadcasts, and Emmy-award winning television show Life Is Worth Living. Sheen was also a deft and serious thinker on efforts to bring Americans in closer alignment with the Christian tradition, especially that of the Catholic Church.

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  1. Taras Coolidge

    The progressive takeover of the universities that Jonah talks about has been going on for generations. Why did conservatives never do anything about it?

    For one thing, there were always those who would tell us the problem is exaggerated, not to worry, the problem will take care of itself, etc.  (Similarly, the Never Trumpers of today tell us not to worry about the Democrats taking over the Supreme Court.).  Evidently some conservatives are content to be on the losing side, a “remnant“, if you will. 

    We’re like pagans in the late Roman Empire, suddenly noticing we’re surrounded by Christians.   (Because progressivism has no deity, people are slow to catch on that it is a religion.)  If you have doubts about the virgin birth, or of the resurrection from the dead, you better keep them to yourself. 

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