They’ve talked about it for several weeks, and they’ve finally done it: Mona and Jay have made a music podcast. They take you on a musical tour, starting with Thomas Tallis, looking in on Mozart and Beethoven, visiting Verdi and Wagner, whooping it up with Gershwin, and ending with two composers of today. You get some Renaissance music, some Baroque, some Classical, some Romantic, a dose of French Impressionism, Schoenberg’s “air of different planets,” and so on. This is a sampler. Mona and Jay have some conversation, but mainly they give you music: less talk, more rock. Enjoy.

Note: We (meaning Blue Yeti, not Mona and Jay) struggled with some audio issues during the recording and post-production of this episode. We thought about scrapping the whole thing, but decided to put it out even though it’s below our standards. We apologize in advance and promise to do better next time. 

Update: The playlist for this show may be viewed and downloaded here

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