In the inaugural episode of The Crazy Ones, we talk to Jeff Anderson, who’s not only an innovative thinker with 3uf91ezcvce3lhafan accomplished career in public policy, but also the creator of one of the computers that was the backbone of the Bowl Championship Series (1998-2014). With the BCS gone, we find out what the NCAA Football Playoff Committee got right and what they got wrong. The Anderson & Hester Ranking System hasn’t been kind to the Oregon Ducks, but really liked the SEC in previous years. Will this season end differently?

Then we discuss one of the most thought-provoking articles we’ve read this year. Did you know the GOP’s presidential nomination process was created by far-left activists in the Democratic Party? We’ll find out exactly why the GOP keeps this process (and keeps nominating lousy candidates) and we’ll look at Jeff and Jay Cost’s proposal to fix the system.

Jeff’s day job is as executive director of The 2017 Project. The GOP rolled to victory in November beating the anti-Obamacare drum, but there are two parts to the “repeal and replace” strategy. We’ll focus on Jeff’s work developing the latter.

Finally, you stuck around for the show, learn something about the hosts. Owen Brennan has been around these parts for a little while and doesn’t feel comfortable writing about himself in the third person. Patrick Jones cut his political teeth in Georgia politics and on Capitol Hill. Now he’s an Atlanta entrepreneur who has worked on some of the coOregonDucksuntry’s most recognizable brands — and is now trying to figure out how to rebrand the GOP.

Join us for the conversation. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. And Go Ducks!


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  1. Inactive

    OB and PJ – Welcome and thank you for giving me something interesting and entertaining to listen to as the kids watch Mr. Peabody on New Years Eve (shows the extent of excitement at my house that I am posting around midnight local time on New Years Eve). Lazy Lileks, Long, and Robinson seem to have decided to take the week off.

    I really like the idea of the Crazy Ones. I’ve been advocating that we need thinking beyond cutting the department of silliness 10% as well.  For instance (bringing it back to my narcissism), I posted on the crazy idea of a nomadic capital and called for a change of the currency.  But, enough about me.

    Also, very much enjoyed the idea of revamping the nomination process. To be honest, I had not thought about how the process is shaping the nominee options.  Very enlightening.

    We need more of this thinking that pushes the boundaries. Please do not be discouraged if it takes a little while to get some traction. My first post at Ricochet went over about as well as Lena Dunham giving the commencement speech at Liberty University.

    Happy New Year!

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  2. user_428379 Thatcher

    A good first effort.

    I thought the arguments expressed about changing the Republican primary process during the podcast were scattered and not very compelling.  I went ahead and read Jeff Anderson’s article in National Affairs which better presents the case.

    I see potential problems.  One, I’m not enthusiastic about formal debates.  They’re almost useless.  Let the candidates present their policy views in their own way.  But more importantly, there would have to be a method of disallowing non-Republicans from taking part.  That’s much easier in our present set up, because both Democrat and Republican primaries happen at the same time, and you can only ask for one ballot or the other.

    I also don’t think it will fly.

    On another note, I thought I’d comment on production values.  I’ve started getting annoyed at guests on podcasts and radio programs that use a speaker phone.  It’s disrespectful to the audience.  I concede that I understood everything Anderson was saying.  But Ricochet should insist that a podcast that is under that brand should have better production values than that.

    Leo LaPorte’s Tech TV started sloppy, but over time developed excellent production values.  I don’t like his politics, which bleed over into his tech broadcasts, but his production values are excellent and should be emulated.

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  3. crizzyboo Inactive

    Skip to 18:45 if you want to avoid the sports talk.

    You’re welcome.

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  4. Owen Brennan Inactive
    Owen Brennan

    Thanks for listening and I appreciate the feedback.

    If we did this again I would definitely spend less time in the B Block talking about the problems with the nomination process and more time on Jeff and Jay’s solution.

    I don’t think we explained the elegance of this six-week process as effectively as we could have:

    Week 1: The 5 GOP Nominees are chosen from the convention

    Week 2: The first debate

    Week 3: Another debate

    Week 4: Debate and the 1/3 of the country votes

    Week 5: Debate and the next 3rd of the country votes.

    Week 6: Final debate final 3rd of the country votes.

    So by April/May we’d have our nominee and that person could spend the summer just getting attacked by the media and not a bunch of other self-promoting GOP candidates who have no shot at the nomination.

    Stay tuned, we have a couple more interesting thinkers lined up.

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  5. Butters Inactive

    Reince thinks the problem from 2012 was conservative candidates beating up on Romney in the primary.

    No, the problems are:

    1) Open primaries that let Democrats choose our nominee

    2) Debates with Democrat MSM moderators focusing on birth control, gay marriage, evolution, climate change, etc.

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  6. Podkayne of Israel Member
    Podkayne of Israel

    crizzyboo:Skip to 18:45 if you want to avoid the sports talk.

    You’re welcome.

    I don’t even like sports, but I found this fascinating. Go know.

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  7. Thatcher

    As a Canadian I find this fascinating.

    If you don’t have a paid membership in whatever political party you belong to here.  You don’t get to choose who the leader is.  No Liberal gets to choose who the leader of the Conservatives is.

    American primary system in my opinion is crazy.

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  8. raycon and lindacon Inactive
    raycon and lindacon

    Thanks for a refreshing look at some issues.  YES!  The nominating process is insane, and a product of those who win every time over conservatives.  Like many, we have despaired over the possibility of defeating the progressive-right (GOP) so we have a chance to defeat the progressive-left.

    And the Obamacare discussion was also interesting, but unless the above comments can be implemented, we lose here also.

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  9. Goddess of Discord Member
    Goddess of Discord

    I tried to listen to this today through the direct link to MP3 file. It kept repeating the intro. After the third time I shut it off. I hope I will be able to listen to future episodes.

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  10. user_473455 Inactive

    Would like to hear more of these.

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