Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right


“Clowns to the left of me
Jokers to the right
Here I am
Stuck in the middle with you.”
Stealers Wheel

The impeachment trial of former President Trump is becoming a one-act circus. Your ticket to the circus features a clown car, you know the act where a large group of clowns exit the tiny car that drives around the center ring, and then run around the center ring engaging in some slapstick comedy.

There’s a Reason Democrats Have Become So Ruthless


Much has been made of the recent Time magazine article which explained how a well-funded cabal of powerful people managed to get Joe Biden (think about that – Joe Biden!) elected president over a popular incumbent who won more votes for re-election than he did in his initial election. Lest you think I’m using provocative language to describe this well-funded cabal of powerful people, allow me to quote directly from the article on this well-funded cabal of powerful people who managed to get Joe Biden elected:

“a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information”

The article, written by Democrats in a leftist magazine, is terrifying. It openly discusses how Democrats won the last election, and it’s terrifying. Time Magazine is very open about their enthusiastic support of this well-funded cabal of powerful people, and how pleased Time is with the outcome of the 2020 election. They even titled their article, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” But such fraud creative election strategies are only part of the plan for the modern Democratic Party.

Grifters Got to Grift, but the Lincoln Project Makes Me Sick


Everyone here knows who the Lincoln grifters are. Heck, I’m 5,000 miles away in Ireland and I know who they are. As a secondary teacher and a Catholic, I’ve been trained and learned by experience how to catch lying pupils (they cannot help it) and to observe people who engage in systematic coverup and lies (sadly, the hierarchy of my church). Should I ever pack in teaching, I should look to the Irish cops for another vocation.

Calhoun County Republicans Censure Rep. Peter Meijer


The Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Calhoun County, MI, has sent a letter of censure to Rep. Peter Meijer. Meijer is the Representative from Michigan’s 3rd district, which is the district that had previously been represented by Justin Amash.

The censure was in response to Meijer’s vote to impeach President Trump, and also for his vote to certify the election results. Meijer’s district includes only a portion of Calhoun County; most of his district is the Grand Rapids area. There was a censure motion in the 3rd district GOP organization, too, but it failed in an 11-11 tie.

Cara Dune Knows How to Fight the Evil Empire


Just a couple of days after Lucus Film and Disney Plus blacklisted Gina Carano for suggesting that it would be great if Americans learned to get along and pointing out that much on social media is nonsense, the actress struck back at the vast media conglomerates with the announcement she will be developing, producing, and starring in a new film project (reported by The film will be made in association with the Daily Wire and Dallas Sonnier’s Bonfire Legend production company. (I was particularly intrigued by the connection with Sonnier who has produced some great, but quite violent films such as Bone Tomahawk , Dragged Across Concrete, Brawl in Cell Block 99, with some of Hollywood’s more conservative-leaning stars, Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn, and Kurt Russell).)

Carano told Deadline, “The Daily Wire is helping make one of my dreams — to develop and produce my own film — come true. I cried out and my prayer was answered. I am sending out a direct message of hope to everyone living in fear of cancellation by the totalitarian mob. I have only just begun using my voice which is now freer than ever before, and I hope it inspires others to do the same. They can’t cancel us if we don’t let them.”

We’re pulling for you, Gina! Smash those Hollywood Pig Guards!

What To Do When Your Idiots Are No Longer Useful


When former heroes of the cause decided to throw in with Progressives in their quest to oust Donald Trump from the White House there were plenty of folks that told them whatever support they were getting was ephemeral. It would be a mere wisp of smoke rings that would dissipate into the ether as certain as a bad Saturday night of partying leads to a Sunday morning hangover. But they didn’t listen. No, you couldn’t tell the people at The Lincoln Project (or their devotees) anything.

Maybe they couldn’t listen. It was reported that more than a few of them were in financial trouble. John Weaver had a $313,655 federal tax lien against his home in Texas. Likewise with Rick “Stars ‘n’ Bars” Wilson and his Florida abode – to the tune of $389,420. This was an opportunity that presents itself once in a lifetime.

But now that the election is over and Orange Man Bad has been sent packing to Mar-A-Lago, the knives are out. Not just the long ones, either. The short ones, the rusty ones, the butter knives, and any handy object that can be turned into a prison shiv. They’re all out and looking for blood.

The Party of Life or the Party of Death


Only weeks into the new Biden-Harris Administration, Democrats defeated a bill that would have protected babies that survived an abortion. Called the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, it protected a baby by giving him or her medical care and nourishment coming into the world. In other words, there are actually babies that survive and are left to die, once born! This is coming from the party that supposedly champions “human” rights.

It failed because nearly every Senate Democrat voted against the measure, which requires doctors to provide medical care for newborns who survive abortion attempts. The act received 52 votes, falling 8 short of the 60-vote threshold necessary to break the filibuster. Democratic senators Joe Manchin (W. Va.) and Bob Casey (Pa.) crossed the aisle to vote for the legislation.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R., Neb.), who introduced the legislation, decried the partisan vote. “This legislation isn’t red vs. blue, it is simply about giving every baby a fighting chance. Every baby deserves care. This isn’t about abortion, it’s about human rights,” he said.

Mike Camarillo joins the podcast. Mike spent 12 years in the US Navy as a K-9 Handler. Upon leaving the Navy, Mike began a 21-year career in law enforcement across multiple agencies, including serving in the executive protection unit assigned to the president of the Navajo Nation.

Since 2003, Mike has been riding with the Navajo-Hopi Honor Riders, a group of motorcyclists who honor military members and families through motorcycle escort services and volunteer community projects.

Not a Survivor but a Thriver


When the surgeon first confirmed I had cancer, he told me that it wouldn’t shorten my life; actually, he tried to reassure me with that comment on two or three other occasions. I was surprised that he said that, but in spite of all the advances in breast cancer treatment, I guess the first thing a woman might think is, “Am I going to die”? My reaction was, “This is so darned inconvenient.” Maybe that was a thought of denial on my part, but I still feel the same way.

It is inconvenient.

But I mainly wanted to address a phrase that is commonly used to discuss the condition of a person who comes through cancer: Cancer Survivor. Please know that if you know anyone who describes herself that way, I mean no disrespect. We can all choose to see and describe ourselves in multiple ways, but that’s not a term I would use.

What If They Gave an Impeachment and Nobody Cared?


This week’s Twitter conversation focused on different stories each day. Monday was mostly Super Bowl reactions and making fun of David Hogg’s pillow start-up. Tuesday, it was Gov. Cuomo’s Covid scandal and the guy who logged into a Zoom court hearing with a cat filter. Wednesday, Joss Whedon was blasted for his cruel treatment of actresses and Disney fired Gina Carano from “The Mandalorian” for being conservative. Thursday, the Lincoln Project self-destructed and people canceled their Disney+ subscriptions. Friday, it was some Justin Timberlake scandal and Biden flack T.J. Ducklo threatening a reporter.

There was another big story this week that only the DC media and paycheck politicos seemed to care about. Apparently, the Senate is presiding over the trial of ex-President Trump. Reviewing the top Google searches of the week, nothing related to the impeachment made it to the top 10. Not “Trump,” not “Senate,” not “Constitution,” not “impeachment.” Here on the western edge of flyover country, no one has mentioned it in real life, not even at a long, robust, 20-person gathering I attended Thursday.

Much like Trump’s previous Senate impeachment trial, the general public could not care less.

The White Supremacy of Arithmetic


From a recent FoxNews story: “The Oregon Department of Education recently encouraged teachers to register for training that encourages ‘ethnomathematics’ and argues, among other things, that White supremacy manifests itself in the focus on finding the right answer.”

Now, as a conservative, I don’t pretend to understand this. But to my untrained ear, it certainly sounds like leftist teachers think that being white is equivalent to being correct. Although perhaps I misunderstand, because again, to a conservative this makes no sense.

Part of the “Equitable Math” toolkit explains that, “the belief that there is such a thing as being objective or ‘neutral’” is a characteristic of White supremacy. It expands on this point, “Upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuate objectivity as well as fear of open conflict.” And it instructs teachers to “identify and challenge the ways that math is used to uphold capitalist, imperialist, and racist views.”

Kudos to Richard Epstein


On the recent Uncommon Knowledge podcast (with Peter Robinson, Richard Epstein, John Yoo, Andrew McCarthy), Richard Epstein (no Trump lover) makes the most salient and accurate statements regarding the second Impeachment that I have heard:

  1. Intellectually dishonest.
  2. Illegitimate.
  3. Evil.

He makes an unassailable case for each point. Without even trying. Worth listening.

The Truth They Cannot See: Addendum


Just to get a good visual reference of how far the median Democrat has lurched to the left, I added a central reference point to these graphics from Pew Research. It’s the yellow line in the graphics below. Pew did a study measuring the range of political beliefs held by members of each party. It began in 1994. In 1994 the median voters in each party were not too far apart. There was a broad spectrum of overlap. Notice that a large swathe of Democrats – almost half the party – are to the right of the marked midpoint line in yellow right over the “x” in “Mixed” in the legend. In fact, that central point almost coincides with the line denoting the median Democrat.

TurleyVision 1999: Impeachment as a Madisonian Device


My dear spouse occasionally forwards me the legal theories of Jonathan Turley, who currently argues Trump’s impeachment trial is unconstitutional now that Trump is a former official. Curious as to what Turley had to say about impeachment before Trump, I did some digging and struck a mother lode: Turley’s 146-page 1999 Duke Law Journal article, Senate Trials and Factional Disputes: Impeachment As A Madisonian Device. Turley’s reasons for publishing such a masterwork in 1999 may not have been dispassionate, since he had recently testified at Bill Clinton’s impeachment, but since Trump’s presidency wasn’t even a gleam in the old GOP elephant’s eye back then, Turley’s thoughts on impeachment in 1999 should at least be free of any bias for or against Trump. Those with the patience to read — or at least skim — Impeachment As A Madisonian Device will be rewarded with plenty of information on impeachment’s constitutional function and history that’s interesting in its own right, and a perspective in which the non-juridical, political nature of impeachment transcends mere raw exercise of power.

Impeachment As A Madisonian Device extensively surveys the constitutional history of impeachment. Its thesis is that the impeachment process, declared first in the House, then passed to the Senate for trial, culminates in

John recently published his third book, the New York Times Best-Seller The Hardest Job in the World: The American Presidency. John’s a long-time and award-winning television and print journalist. He was previously co-anchor of CBS This Morning. Before that, he was the anchor of “Face The Nation”. John is also a contributing writer to The Atlantic and co-host of Slate’s “Political Gabfest” podcast and host of the Whistlestop podcast. John has also moderated presidential debates. And was a long-time correspondent for Time Magazine, where he covered the White House.

Woke Marketing: Killing Creative


For nine months last year I earned a living working in the marketing department for a large corporation. So, technically I can call myself a marketing professional. Granted I was a number cruncher, but I am starting to think the Creative departments aren’t all that more creative than the Accounting departments.

Last year we saw the Washington Redskins cave to pressure and agree to change the name of their franchise. After months of thought they came up with a new name. The football team is now called the Football Team. The goal was to come up with something that wouldn’t offend even the wokest of their fan base and in the end, they punted.

Warning: Racist Image

This week, Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) –soon to be Citizen Portman– stops by to discuss impeachment, working with the Biden administration (or not as the case may be), his plans for the future, why he decided to throw in the towel in terms of the Senate, and yes, how this year’s popcorn crop is looking at his farm in Ohio. Also, Rob Long is going on safari (really!), Peter Robinson is looking forward to a Rocky Mountain High, and James Lileks wants to go on a cruise, thanks to Rushbabe49’s Lileks’ Post of The Week winning missive (yes, it’s back).

Music from this week’s show: Stand On It by Bruce Springsteen

‘I’m a Democrat, but It’s Time to Leave the Party’


Americans stand as one people divided only by the betrayal of the giant cabal and corrupt politicians. The heartfelt lament of an American Democrat, not a fashionable far-left Democrat, hits home the nostalgic feeling of what American values used to be for most. You can read the whole article by former CIA ops officer Bryan Dean Wright here.

For years, Democrats like me have watched with increasing alarm as our own political leaders and activists – from Speaker Nancy Pelosi to media outlets like MSNBC – have used an endless stream of hateful, violent and ultimately un-American rhetoric that has resulted in billions of dollars in economic damage and given birth to a violent national movement….We heard that same un-American language echoing in the Left’s political zeitgeist as it denigrated cultural icons like Mt. Rushmore, heroic presidents like Abraham Lincoln and the entirety of American history with false or incomplete retellings of our nation’s founding. The message from the Left has thus been clear: America is awful and irredeemable.

Elisha Krauss and Lyndsey Fifield love binge watching Netflix—but how do you compromise with your husband on the right show? And how much do the shows we watch influence us as a society? Deep thoughts from two ladies with major pregnancy brain…

How the US Economy Can Counter Its Demographic Headwind


The excellent 2016 book The Rise and Fall of American Growth by Northwestern University economist Robert Gordon — a book I frequently write about — is often portrayed as a work of technological pessimism. But Gordon doesn’t see it that way. Tech progress and innovation, as eventually reflected in productivity growth, isn’t going to slow in his view. It will pretty much continue as it has for decades — just no acceleration to the boomy 1920-1970 productivity pace due to advances in AI or robots or medical miracles. The demise of rapid economic growth is due to various “headwinds,” he argues, not technology. Not only will those factors slow per capita GDP growth, but much of that growth will be captured by wealthier households. Indeed, inequality is one of Gordon’s headwinds.

Another growth constraint, according to the economist, is demographics. This is uncontroversial. All those baby boomers are heading into retirement, and Americans are having fewer kids. Labor-force growth used to be so rapid — especially with women entering the job market as never before — that overall economic growth stayed fast even as productivity growth weakened. A San Francisco Fed analysis in 2018 noted the following:

In the 1970s, labor force growth alone contributed 2.7 percentage points to GDP growth, meaning that even if productivity growth had been zero, the economy would have expanded at 2.7%, slightly faster than the pace of our current expansion. Since that peak, labor force growth has come down substantially. As the forecast for 2025 shows, labor force growth is expected to remain stuck at 0.5% for the next decade. This means that, absent a surge in productivity, slow growth in the labor force will be a restraining factor on the U.S. economic speed limit.

The Dangers of Debating the Debatable


Gina Carano is an interesting person. She’s extremely athletic (her father was a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys) and she was a standout in mixed martial arts, competing very successfully in two professional leagues, with an overall professional record of 19-2-1. She is beautiful, and was featured in Maxim and ESPN The Magazine. She then moved into acting, where she has starred in Fast & Furious, Deadpool, and The Mandalorian, among other projects. The Mandalorian is a Lucasfilm spinoff of Star Wars and is turning into its own extremely successful franchise, which should pay Carano handsomely for years to come. Except it won’t, because Lucasfilm just fired her, because she’s an out of the closet conservative. Check out this explanation of her firing from an article on CNet:

Carano, who played Cara Dune for two seasons of The Mandalorian, has come under fire before for her political social media comments. Late last year, the actress mocked mask-wearing during the pandemic, suggested voter fraud had occurred during the 2020 presidential election, liked posts disparaging the Black Lives Matter movement and derided the use of pronouns on social media bios.

Let’s take those one at a time. Ok, so she mocked mask-wearing during the pandemic. Have masks helped reduce the spread of the disease? Perhaps, but the data on that is very unclear, and one can certainly understand the skepticism of some people. Japan wears masks religiously, and they’re getting hammered by COVID right now. I’m not defending either point of view, I’m just acknowledging that debate on this topic is understandable. It’s not allowed, but it’s understandable.