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Whoopsie! The Recording of Waukesha Killer’s Bail Hearing Goes Missing


Man, these Democrats sure have technological issues at critical times. With Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm’s Office under fire for low bail and lenient prosecutions, the recording system that typically records these hearings of this particular murderer can’t be found! The car that killed and injured those people may be responsible.

If we get rid of Gov. Tony Evers in 2022 (and our timid GOP majorities find the fortitude to affect change), I’m hoping for many reforms, one of them being that ‘missing’ files, documents, notes, voter applications & records, camera footage & recordings of government offices and officials will be considered as of intent to destroy evidence and prosecuted as such.

Former Lt. Governor of Scott Walker, Rebbeca Kleefisch is running for Governor and has pledged to remove Chisholm as permissable under the Governor’s authority. I expect any GOP candidate for governor to take a similar pledge. This is beyond absurd-I’m out of contempt.

Darrell Brooks Bail Hearing Recording Does Not Exist (

How Deep the Cracks? Wisconsin May Give an Indication.


Well, I just voted after dropping our youngest off at school. Voting in our precinct was pretty brisk; I voted proudly for Ted Cruz. But there is another statewide race for Supreme Court Justice that may indicate how deep the party fractures are and whether we can unite at the state and local level regardless of what happens at top of ticket.

Judge Rebecca Bradley has been promoted rather quickly (have to be honest, maybe too quickly)¬†through the judicial ranks to the State Supreme Court by Governor Walker after the death opened a position on the court. The perennial Progressive/Liberal/Commie JoAnne Kloppenburg has yet again dusted off the lawn signs (behind the Prius in the garage, I’m sure) and would help bolster the leftist balance of the court if elected. If Bradley wins, the reforms enacted by Walker and GOP State Assembly and Senate will be further cemented and the climate here will continue to improve.

I’m looking to see if Bradley’s statewide totals¬†approximate the totals of Cruz, Trump, and Kasich added together, and if this is an indication of if we can come together this fall. It may also show how Trump’s newfound supporters will vote on other down-ticket elections. I realize one’s favorite is still on this ballot and may not be in the fall, so this is just a theory.

Have any of you had similar local or statewide candidates or referendums that would indicate the depth of the acrimony or evidence of unity? Can we read anything in these tea leaves?

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