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I won’t pretend to be a refined connoisseur or even a talented critic of the art but I am a sucker for a good Western movie. I commonly spend scores of minutes watching and re-watching trailers of recent (or semi-recent) releases on the various streaming services looking for a good one to spend a full […]

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I have been informed that my last post (The Essence of President Weasel Vagina Grows Stronger Every Day) has been removed from the Member Feed (and my posting history) by the moderators. For those who followed the events in the comment section, I hope you remember and clearly understand what you witness there. I posit, […]

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Somewhat Random Media Musings


For those who may have missed it, I present here the most interesting item to cross my disconnected-more-than-usual-from-narrative-driving-news screen this week while I was on a family driving trip to the American Great Plains (The Good Life). This came from an link titled “White House Press Corps Trades Good Coverage Of President Biden For Scoops” that connected me to a Daily Caller post that features these key paragraphs:

Politico White House reporter Alex Thompson contacted the White House at 2:53 p.m. to ask for comment about White House communications director Kate Bedingfield planning to step down from her position in late July, he said. The White House told him to give them time to respond, allowing the Wall Street Journal to break the story first.

A Presidential Administration as Sophomoric Theater


As sad as the obvious truth included is regarding the truly pathetic state of our Beltway Behemoth (and thus our nation as a whole), this passage from VDH earlier this month is too perfect not to reuse again and again:

Cabinet secretaries ignore their duties—somewhat understandable given their resumes never explained their appointments. What binds a Pete Buttigieg, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Jennifer Granholm is not expertise in transportation, border security, or energy independence but allegiance to an entire menu of woke policies that are often antithetical to their own job descriptions.

Let Us Now Praise Arrogant, Foolish Men: The Chief Justice and His Powder Keg Edition


I will admit to being a bit too proud of the “heavily credentialed yet still worthless (HCYSW)” characterization I came up with for some of the familiar faces in the news today and who are destined to be tied forever to the rather abrupt and deliberate collapse of a still nominally great nation in less than two years following the end of the Trump administration. (Again, my apologies for the blatant mimicking of Mr. Taleb’s Intellectual Yet Idiot construct.) Only 956 days to go in the Constitutionally mandated Biden-Harris administration. May America get every one of those to the fullest…and emerge on the other side certainly bruised and battered but also wiser.

But there are domains of intellectual arrogance and just plain foolishness (both strategic and tactical) which will bear much of the responsibility for the events of the coming days. I care not to come up with some witty such characterization for those select few who have generated this whirlwind:

Stumbling From the Path of Liberty: The Fallacy of the ‘No One Needs a [FILL IN THE BLANK]’ Demagoguery


The essence of American Liberty is to assure men the secured right to every activity which does not trespass the rights of others. Regulation as to what men may not do must not be confused with regimentation of men into platoons under a government corporal. That is the whole distinction between men possessing rights which cannot be transgressed by the state, and men merely as pawns of the state. – Herbert Hoover, The Challenge to Liberty (1935), Pages 160-161

A gun nut I am not. But I will admit to being a purist when it comes to the Constitution…and, obviously, that includes the Second Amendment. As such, I acknowledge that there are no provisions in that document, the one that stipulates the inalienable rights guaranteed by an authority ranked well above our governing elites, for said elites to infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms. Words mean things…and here, as long as a citizen in good standing does not step beyond “keeping” and “bearing” and into a well-defined zone of illegality by an authorized governing body, then that right should be absolute.  Keeping and bearing a legally obtained and fully functional M1 Abrams, A-10 Warthog, and/or AR-15 super-duper-mean-as-hell-looking-assault-rifle shall not be infringed…but do something constitutionally deemed illegal with such a thing and the full force of the proper authorized governing body should come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Astroturf All the Way Down: The Dark Money Edition


Well, this little nugget got “buried on my desktop” for a couple of weeks but, since it still supports my not-at-all-hidden agenda here at the Lower Member Feed and should help some of my neighbors here see the world around them with a little more clarity, I think it is still worth documenting in a post. It was this quote on Instapundit that caught my eye:

“In May, a group called Accountable Tech, which calls itself a ‘small nonprofit taking on Big Tech companies,’ organized a corporate boycott to protest Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter. In the midwest, a group called Opportunity Wisconsin, which bills itself as a ‘coalition of Wisconsin residents,’ ran a deluge of TV ads slamming Republican senator Ron Johnson for his tax policies. And in Arizona, an organization of ‘grassroots racial justice’ activists called Just Democracy released a video blasting Democratic senator Kyrsten Sinema for failing to support the Biden administration’s legislative agenda.

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Remember when the Progressives and their stool pigeons inside our perimeter pretended to care about the rule of law? Well, as always, it turns out their game is really just to misapply such things to support their hoax of the day only to ignore real events that would fall under such statutes. To wit: “John […]

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An Honest Accounting: Anti-Trumpism and the Violence Done to the American Traditions of Free and Fair Elections and the Peaceful Transfer of Power


“The most favorable posthumous history the stay-at-home traitor can hope for is — oblivion.” –- The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant, p. 43

Understanding the Anti-Trump movement here to mean specifically those active beyond the legitimate election and oversight processes in both 2016 and 2020 (and all points in between) in attempts to keep Mr. Trump from holding and executing the office per the wishes of We the People, there is an applicable adaptation to the above quote for those who conspired against the very essence of this experiment in republican governance. We must not let these traitors off the hook with the oblivion (or historical anonymity) they desire.

Reflections on the Reliably Incurious, Willfully Ignorant, and Just Plain Evil


Well, actually, I suspect that last one has been sufficiently reflected upon in two of my more recent posts: Or, the FBI Is Lying and Death of a High Trust Society: The ‘Circling the Drain’ Edition. It is becoming undeniably clear that we have national “law enforcement” entities that are, at best, under the control of one of the political parties…the alternative is that they have gone rogue. That they don’t appear at all interested in promoting an unquestionably clean public image and, in fact, seem to be at least passive-aggressively promoting a secretive fear campaign against political enemies is even more chilling.


Let Us Now Praise Hollow-Credentialed Buffoons and Kleptocrats Alike


(I was going to subtitle this piece “Worst. Ruling. Class. Ever.” But the truth is that the hollow vessels that now occupy the titled and newsworthy positions are little more than imposters and puppets for the real hidden rulers. So, that label gives too much credit and just doesn’t quite fit. Anyway, on with the show…)

No, as easy as it would be to write that post, my title above is not (directly) in reference to the top two slots of our current Executive Branch. It is not even in reference to two figures that stole many of the headlines late this week…the first being one Nina Jackowicz, a (seemingly) know-nothing poser who apparently does not suffer from one ounce of humble introspection, and Alejandro Mayorkas, a potted plant currently imitating a cabinet secretary.

We the People: Incurious to a (Tragic) Fault


In a purely self-serving ploy, I want to start with a little passage from my “Or, the FBI Is Lying” post from this last February:

At this point I am reflexively reminded of a strange tale from the late 1990s when (if I recall correctly) a married couple just happened to be out on one of their frequent evening drives around rural Georgia where they enjoyed listening to the various wireless phone signals for which their car just happened to be equipped to detect. It seems they came across a strategy call among Speaker Gingrich and his cohorts. Thankfully, this couple also just happened to have equipment for recording these signals and did so. Additionally, this couple just happened to be Democrat Party informants, so they delivered their recording rather directly to the DNC where is made some measure of “breaking news” for quite a few cycles…and the miraculously complex “just happened to” details behind the origin of the recording were quickly pushed out of the story. (That is all from memory…feel free to correct or add to the story as you wish.)

Corruption too Blatant to Ignore…But ‘We’ Do It All the Time


Current headlines inform us that the driving data used to execute (i.e., manipulate and/or provide cover for a poor excused for a FISA court…and beyond) the single largest hoax in American history was “not technically plausible” and was “user created.” Unfortunately, that is totally believable. Worse, the shrugging off or diverting of eyes by the watchdog press and half the electorate that has been groomed to do just that in the case of Democrats and their activities is all too common.

As a jumping-off point, I will just note that both those quoted phrases above bring to mind some analysis (videos) that I watched shortly after the 2020 election that demonstrated that many of the precinct tallies reported – I believe it was in GA – were very suspicious. I cannot find a link at this point…maybe someone can help with that…but it was clear to those with experience (i.e., subject matter experts) that the  “data” had many of the red flags associated with financial fraud. I took that to mean that someone was making up ledger entries trying to make the numbers look random. Unfortunately, that is not how things work with such things…and the lesson applies to election results too. But, as you all well know, such things that should be “too blatant to ignore” were so easily and conveniently shrugged off by the Democrat-Media Complex and their allies among the Barr disciples during the “truth-be-damned-,-must-get-Trump-out” time crunch after the election.

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The total lack of self-awareness that would allow this group of shallow twits to actually put on this “Disinformation Conference” in public (and broadcast it to the world) would be funny if it all weren’t so demonstrably pathetic in this “journalism-is-just-dead-progressive-dogma” era. On Thursday I flagged this clip of maximum snobbery…not to mention an acknowledgement […]

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The State of the Republic in 12 Words or Less (End of 1Q2022 Edition)


I was on business travel this week so my usual routine of “scan the headlines / read selected texts” at several points throughout each day was out of the question. The resulting late-in-the-week accelerated catch-up always leaves me with a much different perspective than the one that comes with following breaking news through the first 24 to 48 hours of discovery and sorting-of-truth before arriving at a modified version ready for the rinse-and-repeat cycle. (These days that first cycle is usually required just to clear the field of NT strawmen, then the real work can begin. But I digress.) Instead, I end up with more of a 10,000-foot view of the week’s events.

With that, I came to the end of the weekly catch-up scan late yesterday and a couple of items relayed to me from Instapundit (as is the usual case) stood out as the real indicators of where the country is at this point in history. So, assuming neither Russia v. Ukraine nor the “Slap Heard Round the World” evolve into WWIII, I offer the following as the briefest of status reports on our society and our country:


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