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Apparently I’m Really Out-of-Step On Restaurant Meals and Take-Out


The Wall Street Journal, in an article about restaurants increasing drive-through capabilities and reducing or even eliminating in-store dining capabilities (January 28, 2023, page B1), notes that in 2022, 85% of orders at fast food restaurants and 33% of orders at “full-service” restaurants were “to go” and not eaten on the premises.

85% of fast food orders to go? A third of orders at “full service” restaurants? Really? I was shocked at those numbers.

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I was both amused and horrified by a comment I heard on a podcast recently: According to text message threads and other communications coming out of the controversy over Hunter helping his cousin rent an apartment in Los Angeles, the person everyone in the Biden family goes to when a problem needs solving is Hunter. […]

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Preventing the Next Southwest Airlines Meltdown


Congresscritters are making noises about forcing more government management of Southwest Airlines in response to Southwest’s Christmas meltdown. And alleged Transportation Secretary Buttigieg has sent a sternly worded warning to the CEO.

But as with so many things, the market is really a better disciplinary tool, and provides better incentives for Southwest to improve its performance, than what any government punishment, management, or incentive can provide.

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This one will no doubt get me in lots of trouble. But the frequency of these incidents seems to be increasing, so I need help with the conclusion I have been approaching for several years: Racism is a rational, logical conclusion supported by evidence. The latest iincident is a melee in a Waffle House restaurant […]

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President Biden Continues to Demonstrate Ignorance and a Failure to Think


On Thanksgiving Day, President Biden again pushed his demand that citizens be deprived of the ability to purchase any semiautomatic firearm. But he went further than he had before by declaring that semiautomatic firearms have “no social redeeming value.”

“The idea — the idea we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick,” Biden continued. “It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.”

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Episode 5 – Buc-ee’s is the funniest yet. If you have any connections with Texas but haven’t caught Babylon Bee’s video series on the California couple moving to Texas, you ought to catch up. The episode released yesterday (November 21) is in my opinion the funniest yet. They discover Buc-ee’s.  Preview Open

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Confused Language Leads to Confused Thought


In my professional career as a lawyer, I usually opposed stereotypical “lawyerly” language. No “party of the first part, party of the second part” language, and definitely no passive verbs (“such and such will be completed by specified date”). For much of my career, I was on staff (in-house) at large corporations, where I wrote business contracts and advised business executives. In writing business contracts, I considered it essential that all parties to the contract knew exactly which party was responsible for which task to which specification by which deadline. I used the names of the parties throughout the contract. Every task was expressed with which party was to do an active verb that constituted the task. [I provoked some inadvertently funny discussions when my attempts to be specific revealed that the negotiating parties had very different ideas about who was going to do certain tasks.]

Business executives I advised needed clear summaries about whether an action they were thinking about was consistent with an existing contract, or consistent with existing law, or what the probabilities and options were if the contact or law was not clear. Unclear language in laws, court decisions, and contracts kept frustrating me.

‘Same-Sex Couple’ Does Not Equal ‘Two-Sex Couple’


Same-sex “marriage” is in discussion again, as the US Senate seems intent on forcing the issue further down the throats of resistant Americans. There are multiple arguments for why same-sex couples do not qualify for “marriage.” My primary argument is that same-sex couples cannot produce children.

Marriage is socially and legally recognized for couples of two sexes because such a couple may, even is likely to, create new life, i.e., produce children. Those children blend the two families from which the couple came into a new branch on the tree of humanity and perpetuate that blend far into the future. Throughout history and across cultures, it has been and is the expectation of children that drives marriage. “Romance” or “erotic love” are very late additions to the long and broad history of marriage, and not particularly central to why marriage exists.

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Why am I not seeing more effort put into assuring the U.S. public that U.S. elections are trustworthy, fair, and not rigged? Politicians, government agencies, “social media” and other technology outfits, and others are spending much time, energy, and money trying to harm people who question the results of [some] U.S. elections. Vilifying those people […]

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Mrs. Tabby and I just returned from dinner at a modestly priced restaurant that is part of a regional chain (dinners in the $12 – 15 range). We rarely eat out more than once per week, so our observations of restaurants are a bit hit and miss. It’s been a few months since we were […]

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Bernie Sanders and Dark Humor on College Debt


I sometimes chuckle at dark humor. I found myself chuckling at this report that Sen. Bernie Sanders not only supports taxpayer bailout of student debt, but insists that all college should be “tuition-free” (i.e., paid for by taxpayers).

I chuckled because I remembered that his wife (Jane Sanders) had driven a college of which she had been president into insolvency and ultimately to close because of debt incurred while she was president of the college. While she was drawing a large salary that no doubt helped to pay for one or more of the three luxury houses the Sanders own.

More Ranting on Solar Panel Tax Credits


Over the weekend, Biden Administration Energy Secretary Granholm proposed that lower- and middle-income families should buy electric cars and go into debt to install home heat pumps, home insulation, and home solar panels because those families can claim a tax credit in the future. This was her answer for families struggling with inflation. She talked of a 30% discount on prices. Her exact language as to where the 30% discount is coming from is unclear, but it appears she was trying to say that the 30% tax credit specified in the “Inflation Reduction Act” amounts to a 30% discount on the price of installation. She was particularly pushing this at low- and moderate-income families.

But … unless the new tax credits are written differently from most prior tax credits (including prior energy-oriented tax credits), the credits are not “refundable,” meaning that the consumer can use them only to offset the consumer’s federal income tax liability. If the consumer has no federal income tax liability, the tax credit is not “refunded” to the consumer. A large percentage of low- and moderate-income families do not have federal income tax liability. A tax credit is useless to a person with no federal income tax liability.

Expansive Government Risks Expansive Incompetence


Over the weekend, the Biden Administration Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm proposed the utterly idiotic idea that lower- and middle-income families who are having trouble paying for groceries, utilities, and gasoline should saddle themselves with thousands of dollars of debt to possibly be able to claim a tax credit in the future.

Reacting to this latest idiotic idea from the Biden Administration, I started to think about the many examples of basic incompetence that populate the highest levels of the Biden Administration. I review these examples of basic incompetence not so much because I’m a masochist, but because we have relatives, friends, and acquaintances who advocate for an expansive government to run many areas of people’s lives. We should remind them how easy it is for an expansive government to become populated with idiots and incompetents. Even someone who agrees with stated Biden Administration objectives must be starting to see how much incompetence is present at the highest level of that administration. And I think it is valuable to remind them when they want to concentrate power in the government that power may be exercised by incompetents.

Abortion, Slavery – Who’s Claiming Ownership Over Human Bodies?


I don’t pay much attention to what Vice President Kamala Harris says because so little of what she says makes sense. So, I’m late to hearing about her speech to an NAACP conference in which she compared restrictions on abortion to historical American slavery.

VP Harris: “We know, NAACP, that our country has a history of claiming ownership over human bodies.” She then referenced “extremists” seeking to criminalize abortion, apparently trying to say that people seeking to restrict abortion are claiming ownership over women’s bodies.

Employee Shortage and “Woke” Employers


Business press articles on the widely experienced shortage of workers in the United States often identify as part of the problem that the current “labor participation rate” (1) is unusually low. The articles generally offer up several theories on why so many people are not participating in the labor market. Those theories include 1) people still living off government pandemic checks, 2) people unwilling to commit to a job while the school schedules for their children continue to be unreliable, 3) laziness of the youngest generation, and 4) older people who were prematurely retired during the pandemic and choose to stay retired. Businesses lament the difficulties in finding and attracting employees, and complain how the worker shortage negatively affects their business activities.

But, have businesses considered the possibility that they could be contributing to the problem themselves? Are businesses scaring off potential employees with “woke” policies and controversial political messaging? I’m not sure I can muster much sympathy for the “woe is me” businesses lamenting their inability to find workers while the businesses push “woke” policies and controversial political positions.

Not All Homeless People Are the Same; Not All Policies Will Work the Same


While on my early morning recreational bike ride this morning I had a conversation with an apparently homeless man who was a real-life reminder that not all “homeless” people are the same, and so policies for dealing with them should probably not be all the same.

The man I talked to was on foot and was looking for a Salvation Army shelter (or presumably some similar overnight sleeping facility that might provide meals). There is no such facility in my town. But I admired the man’s logic for concluding that there must be. He said he observed that he had seen no people sleeping on sidewalks, on benches, or in doorways, so they must be sleeping in a shelter somewhere in town.

Why Are Abortion Proponents So Emotional?


Proponents of abortion get quite emotional, many to the point of irrationality. Their reactions to the potential that there might be even the slightest constraints on abortion are way over the top. We have seen quite a bit of hysterics on display the last couple of months.

Why? I can’t think of another issue that generates such a high level of emotion, even supposedly existential issues like “climate change.” The weird sex advocates get emotional and are very persistent, but even they don’t get hysterical in the same way that abortion advocates do.

Does the Biden Administration Intentionally Go Out of Its Way to Hire Stupid People?


Someone (possibly Jim Geraghty at National Review) recently offered up the opinion that Obama’s “E Team” (those left after the A, B, C, and D teams had left the White House over two terms) were Biden’s “A Team.” Clearly in the Biden Administration, we are not getting “the best and brightest.” Does the Biden Administration intentionally hire stupid people, or is the problem that only stupid people will work for the Biden Administration?

I am posting this because of a story so idiotic it would be unbelievable, but we have seen so much idiocy at the Biden Administration, maybe it’s true (and not Babylon Bee).

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Another Ricochetti (Ricochettum as singular?) (*)  commented, “Conservatives have statistics, liberals have anecdotes.” I propose that we practice developing and using more anecdotes to help our neighbors better understand the gun debate. So many people seem to reason in anecdotes, and so few people seem to be able to deal with statistics. As a lawyer, […]

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