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Fighting the Church May Lead You Right Out of the Church


I did not know until a Rod Dreher column this week that Catholic pugilist Steve Skojec is now ex-Catholic pugilist Steve Skojec. Dreher says Skojec is now an agnostic. He didn’t even slow down and join the Orthodox, like Rod did. He went right out the back door into disbelief. Skojec says he has not attended Mass in a year.

Skojec explains how he got a very raw deal at the hands of the Legion of Christ and its lay movement Regnum Christi. I have no way of judging his charges. But he was very involved at the same time the Legion founder abused boys, fathered children, and plagiarized. Such a culture can only result in the abuse of the rank and file. Skojec describes psychological abuse; he says he was brainwashed. When he tried to leave, he says the Legion went all Saul Alinksy on him: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.”

Skojec spent part of his college years at Steubenville as a “Legionary counter agent.” Over the next several years, Skojec was quite obviously and seriously vexed about issues in the Church; sexual abuse by priests, the liturgy, changing of doctrine, Francis, the Bishops, Covid, and much else. He fought like hell. He fought and fought and fought. And then he left.

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I am president of C-Fam, a New York and Washington DC-based research institute in special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council. We assist UN delegations to negotiate binding and non-binding documents. We also tell the wider world what happens at the UN. We publish a weekly report called the Friday Fax (this […]

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The Lies They Continue to Tell About Donald Trump


I knew instantly it was false when the news broke that a pro-life Catholic high school student from Kentucky had mistreated an elderly Native American veteran on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the March for Life a few years ago. I knew it instantly. It did not smell right.

Sad to say, many major pro-life leaders immediately attacked the kid. But I knew it was false, and it was.

In precisely the same way, I knew instantly it was false when Cassidy Hutchinson told the January 6th committee that Trump tried to hijack the presidential SUV and, in the process, choked a Secret Service agent.

Can a Sexual Revolutionary Save the West?


To what extent can a sexual revolutionary be counted upon to defend Western civilization, even a sexual revolutionary who believes he is quite conventional?

Douglas Murray is wicked smart. He can write and speak rings around the likes of me. He is witty, droll, dramatic, deadpan. Because of these theatrical attributes, and that he is good on a whole host of conservative issues, Murray is catnip to a plethora of important conservatives.

And now he is out with an excellent new bookThe War on the West, a look at those who want to tear down our past, all that is European, straight, male, and white.

Mass Shootings Are Not What You Think They Are


It is difficult to write about mass shootings in the shadow of the heinous acts committed in Uvalde, Texas. My wife can barely listen to talk radio right now because she cannot stand hearing about what happened to those precious children trapped mercilessly in that classroom.

The acts of that evil lunatic, however, are being used to advance certain false narratives. So, it requires us to understand what school shootings really are. Indeed, we need to understand what mass shootings really are. Examining the truths about school shootings and mass shootings is not to belittle what happened in Uvalde or anyplace else, but we must know.

The Myth of the Boomer Bogeyman


How often the youngsters use the Boomer—sometimes, BOOMER!—when airing their grievances. Maybe they’ve created a keyboard shortcut to spit out “Boomer” with two strokes instead of six. Shift-plus-something or other. Perhaps one of them can show this Boomer how to work this consarn machine.

What you hear these days, and you hear it all the time, is that the Boomers are the root of all our ills. In January, when Neil Young demanded that Spotify defenestrate Joe Rogan or else lose the Young catalog, writer Declan Leary said Young made his announcement with “Boomer sincerity.” Maybe there is a unique Boomer form of sincerity, and maybe Young has it, but one thing Young is not is a Boomer. He was born in 1945. Neil Young belongs to the so-called Silent Generation.

“Boomer” is now an epithet for anything one does not like about the 1960s. In other words, “Boomer” now has practically no meaning whatsoever, assuming it ever did.

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  In recent days, out-homosexual Tim Miller wrote a piece at the increasingly odd website known as The Bulwark. Miller was writing about the ongoing Sussmann trial where special prosecutor John Durham is making the case that the Hillary Clinton campaign played a direct role in various hoaxes that enveloped our country and the presidency of Donald J. Trump. […]

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Father Stu: A Flawed Story of Redemption


I cannot express how much I hated the new movie Father Stu, at least up to a point. Up to that point, I really hated it. I emailed friends how much I hated it. I railed at my wife and children how much I hated it. I shouted down the hallway how much I hated it. Down the stairs, too. I would have shouted from the rooftops if I had a way up.

I thanked my Guardian Angel that my plan for watching it with neighbors and children were, for technological reasons, dashed. Did I tell you I hated it, at least up to a point? Let me explain.

Like you, I noticed the movie because they are advertising everywhere, on practically all Catholic websites. We went to see the Tom Holland movie Uncharted recently (don’t bother), and they showed the trailer for Father Stu. My 16-year-old daughter turned to me and said something like, “Isn’t that against the law?” meaning, how did Hollywood let such a Catholic movie get produced? We looked forward to seeing it.

Leftists Leaving the Left


A fresh raft of intellectual refugees is turning from the Left. Maybe they’re not washing up on the shores of conservatism or even Republicanism, but what’s clear is the Left they knew has left them. They are calling it “The Turn,” this experience of waking up to the new reality that the institutions and ideas they believed in, to which they committed their lives, have become utterly corrupted.

Walter Kirn was a huge deal in the rather small, insular, elite New York magazine and publishing world. He strode Manhattan like a colossus. Time MagazineVanity FairNew York MagazineNew York Review of BooksNew York Times Sunday Magazine. Hollywood made two of his novels into movies. I have no doubt he had his own table at Elaine’s. Maybe he sat at Woody’s.

Kirn’s essay at Substack last July was called “The Bull****.” Kirn remembered the time when Time Magazine “grounded the American mind in a moderate shared reality.” He said there was a time when “it was still possible to regard our product as unifying and, in its way, definitive.” All that has changed. He says, now, “every morning, there it is waiting for me on my phone. The bull****.”

Matthew Perna, Political Prisoner, Hangs Himself


On January 6, 2020, Matthew Perna walked through an open door in the U.S. Capitol. Two police officers manned the door. They appeared welcoming. For 20 minutes, Perna walked through the halls, took videos, and shouted “USA, USA.” Then he left.

Last Friday night, Perna went into his garage in little-town Pennsylvania and hung himself. Perna had become the victim of Joe Biden’s Justice Department and the FBI. He was hounded for two years, rejected by friends, lost his job, and was subjected to widespread ridicule. And he was on the cusp of receiving upward of six years in prison. All this for walking through an open door, not causing any damage, not threatening anyone, taking a few videos, and shouting patriotic slogans.

There is no other way to put this. Matthew Perna was a political prisoner. The FBI report shows that abundantly. The report notes ominously that he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hoodie. He is seen on a video shouting “USA, USA.” Understand, these political acts are now crimes.

A Painter Quietly Changing the Culture



You see a knife drawn across the throat of the priest. Blood drips down the front of his white vestments. Vested for Mass, he holds the Blessed Sacrament and three white roses and five red roses. Purity and martyrdom. Satan VA! (Satan, Go!) frames his head and the halo surrounding it.

Abducted by Islamists while saying Mass only a few years ago at Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray in Normandy, France, Fr. Jacques Hamel was made to kneel in front of the altar. The Islamists cut his throat.

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