Who’s Who at Ricochet


Just a simple guide to The Powers That Be on Ricochet

Founders: Rob Long and Peter Robinson

Rob and Peter started the whole thing and continue to host the Ricochet Podcast, the flagship podcast of the Ricochet Audio Network.

CEO: Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti, due to his role as podcast producer, is the member of management most directly involved in day to day operations.

Head of Advertising: Erik Anderson

This position helps Ricochet find and keep advertisers for the podcasts. If you have a suggestion for a possible sponsor, you may reach the advertising coordinator at support@ricochet.com or via private message.

Director of Technical Operations: Max Ledoux

This position helps solve technical problems. This includes adding new features and squashing bugs, along with managing the user database. Updates to the site software are posted to the Updates group. If you find a bug, please report it in the Bug Reports group. Our IT guru can be reached at support@ricochet.com.

Editors: Jon Gabriel, Bethany Mandel

The editors are responsible for curating the Main Feed in a way that presents Ricochet as a home for civil, right of center conversation. They ensure that new material is posted every hour during business hours on weekdays and every other hour on weekends. They do light editing for grammar and style as needed for member feed promotions and are expected to write a piece for the Main Feed at least once a month. They also create posts to announce breaking news that would be of interest to the Ricochetti.

Columnists: Richard Epstein, James Pethokoukis, Michael Ramirez

These authors are nationally syndicated columnists and a cartoonist and their work comes “as is” without Ricochet’s editorial input.


The Contributors are members who have been specially recognized for their ability to create good Ricochet content, both in original posts and comments. They are not selected for particular political opinions, but rather represent a wide variety of positions. Contributors are expected to contribute an original post fit for the Main Feed every month and interact with the members who post comments on their posts. They are subject to the Code of Conduct at all times while on Ricochet and are expected to represent Ricochet well at all times.

The Contributors have the ability to send a post directly to the editors for promotion to the Main Feed, though they can also post freely to the Member Feed just like any other member. Contributors may be either promoted from within Ricochet membership or recruited from outside of Ricochet. At this time, there is no standardized process for members to be promoted to contributors, but this is something we are working on changing. Contributors are not paid by Ricochet, but they are rewarded for their efforts with a complimentary membership.

Current contributors are:

  1. King Banaian
  2. Clifford A. Brown
  3. Shawn Buell
  4. Dave Carter
  5. Midget Faded Rattlesnake
  6. Kevin Creighton
  7. Danielle Crittenden
  8. David Deeble
  9. Nick Dranias
  10. Jack Dunphy
  11. Erick Erickson
  12. Joe Escalante
  13. Nathanael Ferguson
  14. Marvin Folkertsma
  15. Adam Freedman
  16. Justin Hart
  17. Michael Henry
  18. E.J. Hill
  19. Tony Katz
  20. She
  21. James Lileks
  22. Rachel Lu
  23. Skyler Mann
  24. Tom Meyer
  25. Susan Quinn
  26. Frank Soto
  27. Maggie Swart
  28. Henry Racette
  29. Paul Rahe
  30. Jacob William Roth
  31. Timothy Sandefur
  32. Son of Spengler
  33. Dave Sussman
  34. Titus Techera
  35. Richard Vaczy
  36. Ben Weingarten
  37. Gary Wolfram
  38. John Yoo

Moderators: Amy Schley, James of England, OmegaPaladin, Randy Weivoda, Al French, Doug Watt, Kent Forrester, James Hageman, Mike Rapkoch, and Old Bathos .

The moderators are members who have volunteered to help keep Ricochet a civil and courteous place. Much like a referee or umpire, their job is to fairly enforce the Code of Conduct. Moderators are chosen based on on their behavior on Ricochet, not to represent a particular side or faction. Moderators are not paid by Ricochet, but they receive complimentary membership.

They have the ability to redact inappropriate comments and close the comments on posts that have become too unruly, as well as edit posts for formatting issues. Typically, edits and redactions are discussed by the moderators as a group before action is taken. All flagged comments and redactions are visible to moderators, editors, and big cheeses. As part of their moderating duties, moderators have admin access in all groups – they can help straighten out problems such as a group losing its only admin. They are also used by the editors and big cheeses as the local experts to recommend warning letters, suspensions, and bans on members as needed.

If you have complaints or concerns about moderator or editor issues, email mods@ricochet.com or editors@ricochet.com. You may address PMs to specific moderators as well, but please bear in mind that the contents of these PMs may be shared with the other moderators if required. We do remind you that the Code of Conduct applies just as much in these emails and Private Messages as it does on any other part of Ricochet.


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