How to Subscribe to the Ricochet Podcast

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Subscribing in iTunes (from desktop/laptop):

Subscribing to the Ricochet Podcast from your desktop or laptop is easy. If you use iTunes, simply click here. iTunes will open and ask you for your Ricochet Login. Use the same login credentials you use to sign in to Ricochet.

Subscribing with a third party podcasting application on a mobile device:

The most popular third party mobile podcasting applications are DoggCatcher (for Android) and Instacast or Downcast (for iOS). The process for adding a podcast differs slightly from app to app, but the basic steps are similar for each.

  • First, navigate to on your mobile device. Hold down your finger on the following subscription link and choose “copy”: 
  • Now open your podcasting app, look for a subscriptions tab or button, then look for a way to manually add a podcast (it’s usually a “+” sign, but you might also see a request for “Feed RSS URL”).
  • Hold your finger down and choose “paste” to enter the URL you copied earlier. Now click the “done” button. Your app should ask you for your Ricochet name and password (or it may include fields in which these are to be entered on the same page). Use the same login credentials you use to access Ricochet.

That’s it!

Hint: To get all of the podcasts Ricochet produces in one “Super” feed, copy and paste this URL into your podcasting software using the procedure described above:

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