How Do I Delete a Comment I Made?


I know. It happens. Sometimes you make a comment, then you sit back in your chair, your cat jumps up on your desk and gives you that look, and you think to yourself, “myself, I wish I hadn’t made that comment.”

Well, hold that moment in your mind, because you can’t delete your comments.

We’ve talked in the smoke-filled back room of about whether members should be able to delete their own comments, but the consensus has always been that members should own their comments. If you know you can’t delete your comment, then you might think about it a little harder before making it. (Apparently you didn’t, because you’re here, reading this.)

On the other hand, you can usually edit your comment so in that way you can delete whatever part of it you no longer want to be visible. And in extreme cases, yes, you can send a PM to Blue Yeti, Jon, Tom, Claire, or Max, and we will consider deleting your comment.