How Do I Add a Link?


You can add links to your posts and comments, but only if you’re on a computer (as opposed to a typewriter?–No, I mean you can’t add active links on a mobile device, sorry. You can share URLs, they just won’t be active links).

Let’s start with comments. You can insert links in two ways.

The first way is perhaps the most simple, but is not always ideal.

Simply type (or paste) the URL into the comment editor:

The URL will automatically be converted to a link! It doesn’t matter if the URL is inline (like so:, or on a new line by itself:

Caveat: You must include the http:// (or https://) or the URL will not be recognized or converted to a link. In addition, if you copy the URL from the body of another web page (i.e., not from the address bar of your browser), you might unknowingly copy some invisible characters that, while you can’t see them, will prevent the URL from being recognized and converted to a link. Also this is for comments.

However, if the URL is quite long, like so,, then you should embed the link into some text to make it easier for others to read your comment or post (long urls are ugly–yuck).

This next bit is for posts and comments.

Highlight the text you want to make into an active link, then click the link button in the formatting bar (which is not available on mobile).


High text link button

Just an aside here about style: don’t include the punctation in the link, unless the link is the entire sentence (in which case, it should be a short sentence).

Here’s a link.

After posting the link, he took a nap.

A link.

But that’s only to assuage my OCD. In practice, you can do whatever you want. But, really, for my sanity, please.

Back to the link button. Here’s what comes up when you click it:

You can either enter the url into the field there and click the blue “return” key to apply the link, or you can click the “gear” icon for more options:

add link

Now just click “Add Link” and you’re done!

Caveat: You must have the http:// (or https://). That’s why http:// is preloaded. If you don’t have the https://, then the browser assumes that you’re linking to a page on Ricochet. So if you put in “” instead of “” then you will actually be linking to “” and that will be a broken link.

Also, make sure that if you paste in a url you don’t end up with more than one “http://” in the url. I’ve seen plenty of broken links such as “http://” on the site.


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