Introducing the New, Older & Wiser Archie

I read Claire’s excellent post wherein she ruminated on updating her profile picture. The point I took away from it–because I’m so smart, you see–was that I should update mine to be as much like hers as possible. Within my very severe limitations as a sort of Drew Carey for ugly people, I think I pulled it off. I think it serves as a great metaphor for my life, in that it shows that in my life, as with my head, nothing i…

  1. Gil Reich

    I think you may have misunderstood Claire. Her fault, really. She shouldn’t have only devoted 10,000 words to describe the purpose of her profile picture change. Her point was clearly that we should spend less time thinking about our profile pictures, and more time thinking about thinking about our profile pictures.

  2. doulalady

    You could be twins! It’s amazing.

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