Culture is constantly changing but there are principles of truth that will never change. It is those principles which the Imago Dei Leadership Forum seeks to empower young people with so they can be leaders who influence culture.


Does the transgender ideology pose dangers to school children? We’re joined today by Vernadette Broyles, a lawyer representing a girl who claims she was sexually assaulted as a five year old by a transgender child in a school bathroom. We’ve got the latest on that complaint and what’s happening. Plus, our colleagues will discuss the new Joker movie.


Haley Halverson of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation discusses pornography crisis in this country, how it’s changing us, and what can be done about it.


Heritage Foundation foreign policy expert Jim Carafano weighs in on President Donald Trump’s decision to move troops around in Syria, after talking with the Turkish president. Carafano explains how this will affect the Kurds, whether it could boost ISIS, and why we’re in Syria in the first place.


Heritage Foundation legal expert Elizabeth Slattery discusses what will happen in the 2019-2020 Supreme Court term, which began Monday. How big an impact will all the Brett Kavanaugh controversy have? What’s up with Clarence Thomas being out sick? And what are the blockbuster cases? Slattery breaks it down. Plus, we’ll talk about the NBA’s decision to side with China over the Hong Kong protesters.


American combat veteran and bestselling author Sean Parnell joins The Daily Signal podcast to discuss the battles he fought in Afghanistan and how they inspired his works of fiction.

Parnell joined the Army in the wake of 9/11 and served his country until he was wounded in battle in June of 2006. A highly decorated military Captain, Parnell shares his own memories of war and why he chose to write his first book, “Outlaw Platoon,” followed by “Man of War” and “All Out War.”

New York City is banning the term “illegal alien”—and what’s more, they say they’ll fine you up to a quarter-million dollars if you say it. Today, we’ll discuss that situation with Heritage Foundation legal expert Hans von Spakovsky. We’ll also have him weigh in on the latest impeachment news, and whether foreign leaders staying at the Trump International Hotel in D.C. is a problem.

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Karl Marx once called religion the opium of the people—an imaginary coping mechanism that makes suffering in this world more bearable. His vision was a secular, atheistic one. But my guest today argues Marx’s vision was still intensely spiritual. In fact, he says Marx hijacked key themes from Christianity to create a false religion. Today, Bruce Ashford, dean and provost of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, joins the podcast.

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A generation ago, America’s Founding Fathers were venerated. Today, they’re more likely to be under attack from the media, teachers, and politicians. And it’s not just the Founders, but our founding documents, institutions, and other leaders from our past. Our colleague, Jarrett Stepman, has written about all this in a new book called “The War on History: The Conspiracy to Rewrite America’s Past.” In today’s episode, Kate Trinko, our editor-in-chief, sits down with Jarrett to unpack what this effort is all about.

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The whistleblower complaint over a phone call between President Donald Trump and the president of Ukraine has all but upended U.S. politics. But how does Ukraine feel about all this? Today, I’ll speak with our foreign correspondent Nolan Peterson, who’s stationed in Ukraine. I’ll ask him what regular Ukrainians think about this controversy and what Ukraine as a whole has to lose.

Plus: Transgender athletes are wreaking havoc on women’s rugby, and no one’s allowed to speak up. We’ll discuss.

Raynard Jackson is the president and CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates and a political strategist in Washington, D.C.

Jackson joins The Daily Signal podcast to explain why the values of the African-American community are conservative at their roots, and how those on the Right should seek to communicate with communities of color.

The Israeli election last week resulted in a political stalemate, but Benjamin Netanyahu might still just eke out a coalition and retain his role as prime minister. Today, I’ll unpack the details of the election and what’s to come with Jim Phillips, a Middle East expert at The Heritage Foundation. Plus: Big cities used to attract young people, but now more millennials are leaving them. We’ll discuss why.

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The gender wage gap is all but assumed to be true in the media, pop culture, and our universities. But the truth is different from what you hear. In today’s episode, we feature an interview from our Problematic Women podcast between Lauren Evans and Heritage Foundation labor expert Rachel Greszler. In that interview, Lauren and Rachel unpack the myth of the wage gap and how it’s now being featured in a new Monopoly game—miseducating our kids. And, speaking of miseducation, a major doll company just released a new line of gender-neutral dolls.


All they wanted to do was share the gospel message—and they’d been doing it for years in downtown Chicago. But this time, the four Christian college students were shut down by law enforcement. Now, they’re suing the city of Chicago, saying their First Amendment rights to free speech have been violated. Today, one of those students, Matthew Swart, joins the podcast for an exclusive interview about what he believes is at stake in this case. Plus: Great Britain’s opposition party wants to ban private schools. We discuss.

We talk with Charlie Copeland, president and CEO of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.


For the federal government, September is the real holiday: with the federal fiscal year ending, it’s spending mayhem. Adam Andrzejewski of Open the Books joins us to explain just how much spending occurs at the end, and what can be done.


Education is fundamental to American flourishing. However, many young people today are not being taught how to think critically, to reason, or even the founding principles of American history.

On today’s episode of The Daily Signal Podcast, we talk with Billy Planer, Founder of Etgar 36 – a nonprofit that takes young people on a cross country journey to explore America’s history and political diversity. Students engage in discussions with political and thought leaders from across the aisle as they visit some of the nations most significant landmarks.

Some liberals are pushing for Justice Brett Kavanaugh to be impeached. But do they have any valid grounds? And how would an impeachment process of a Supreme Court justice even work? The Heritage Foundation’s Tom Jipping, who worked on an impeachment process during his time as a Senate staffer and who is a now senior legal fellow, joins us to break it down.

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Four years after the famous Brexit vote, Britain remains part of the European Union. The U.K. is scheduled for an exit next month, but powerful members of Parliament are doing all they can to stop it. Today, Daniel speaks with Conservative Member of Parliament Liam Fox about Brexit, the future of the U.K., and the U.K.’s role in dealing with Iran. Plus: NBC News is hearing confessions online—but only confessions relating to climate change. We discuss.

We also cover these stories:
-President Trump revokes waiver that let California set higher emissions standards
-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls attacks on Saudi Arabia “act of war”
-Abortion rate drops to lowest level since Roe v. Wade

The House Freedom Caucus, a group of conservative lawmakers in the House, has new leadership: Arizona Republican Andy Biggs. Biggs joins the podcast to discuss Rep. Justin Amash’s departure from the House Freedom Caucus, how the group can be effective in a Democrat-controlled House, and what policies he intends to prioritize. Biggs also shares about his trips to the border, and why he’s concerned illegal immigrants are bring diseases like mumps and measles to the United States.

We also cover these stories:
• Benjamin Netanyahu’s time a leader of Israel may soon be at an end.
• Vice President Mike Pence gives a speech on USMCA trade policy at The Heritage Foundation.
• Arizona Supreme Court sides with Christian artists in 4-3 ruling.