Richard Epstein analyzes the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, compares and contrasts the judge with the late Justice Scalia, and considers the potential demise of the filibuster.

Richard Epstein warns of the dangers of Donald Trump’s position on international trade, and considers controversies about trade deficits, the border adjustment tax, and job losses due to automation.

Richard Epstein looks at recent on-campus controversies involving Charles Murray and Milo Yiannopoulos and examines what can be done about the increasingly hostile environment in American higher education.

Richard Epstein looks at how both federal interference and local regulations conspire to drive up the cost of housing.

Richard Epstein argues that a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians is destined to fail (at least in the short-term) and that the uneasy status quo may actually be the best option available to both sides.

Victor Davis Hanson explores the factors that led to widespread defeats for Democrats in 2016 — and warns of trends within the party that may prevent it from commanding electoral majorities anytime soon.

Richard Epstein looks at recent setbacks to Obamacare — including the implosion of state exchanges — and describes what Congressional Republicans can do to reform the system without compounding uncertainty.

Victor Davis Hanson examines the early initiatives coming out of the Trump Administration and reflects on whether the new president’s momentum is sustainable over the long run.

Richard Epstein weighs in on the nomination of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court and explains what makes an effective justice.

What happens when the men of Law Talk use somebody else’s faculty lounge? You’re about to find out. In a rare live installment of the show, Professors Epstein and Yoo visit Cal State San Bernardino for a wide-ranging discussion on everything from Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination to President Trump’s executive order on immigration to whether the filibuster is worth preserving. Then we turn the microphone over to the audience for an interactive Q&A session (maybe one of the questioners will be able to coax Richard out of his shell). All that plus already-discredited Super Bowl picks, Richard takes sides in the Southern California area code wars, John throws shade at the Senate, and a debate over just how much of an OG Andrew Jackson was. It’s basically like “Frampton Comes Alive,” but with more references to the Dormant Commerce Clause.

Victor Davis Hanson explains how political and cultural changes in California have eroded the state’s status as a national leader.

Richard Epstein examines efforts by the new Republican Congress to restrict the power of federal regulators, and explains the history of how unelected administrators came to hold so much political power. At the conclusion of this podcast, Professor Epstein states that President Trump is “heading for disaster” and calls for him to resign.

Richard Epstein analyzes the major initiatives on health care, trade, immigration, regulation, and crime coming out of the first week of the Trump Administration.

On an Inauguration Day installment of Law Talk, Professors Epstein and Yoo are casting one last glance toward the Obama Administration and taking on the big questions around the dawning of the Trump era.

First, the professors react to President Obama’s clemency for Chelsea Manning — and explore why the Founding Fathers gave the president such sweeping pardon powers anyway. Then, they take the long view: how will history remember the Obama years? (Spoiler alert: neither professor is anticipating Abe Lincoln being bumped off the $5 anytime soon).

Richard Epstein examines efforts by the new Republican Congress to restrict the power of federal regulators, and explains the history of how unelected administrators came to hold so much political power.

Victor Davis Hanson examines the constituent parts of Donald Trump’s political beliefs and attempts to deduce the animating principles of Trumpism.

Light news week, not much to talk about. Let’s see, we’ve got Troy Senik sitting in for Rob Long. We’ve got The Washington Examiner’s Byron York guiding guys through the confirmation hearings, Trump’s battles with the media. We’ve got some marriage advice for Ricochet member @Josh. And we’ve got Lileks on sentient machines and Apple’s descent into irrelevancy. Ho hum.

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Richard Epstein breaks down the complicated path to replacing Obamacare without destabilizing America’s healthcare system.

It’s the end of the year and Professors Richard Epstein and John Yoo are in a globetrotting mood. First, what effect will the Obama Administration’s acquiescence to the UN’s anti-Israel motion have on the future of the Middle East? Then, is the White House doing enough to sanction Russia — and is President-Elect Trump taking the threat seriously enough? Then, closer to home, will President Obama’s last-minute executive actions be able to survive the Trump Administration? Can your Alexa be used against you in a murder case? And what 2016 passing has John Yoo the most depressed? (SPOILER ALERT: it’s culinary in nature).

Richard Epstein looks at how the modern regulatory regime has slowed development and hindered infrastructure projects.