Fresh from their smash reunion tour this weekend, James and Toby recap the weekend’s anti-lockdown march that wound from Parliament Square to Toby’s doorstep.

We then parse the testimony of the PM’s former “top man,” Dominic Cummings, before the House’s Health and Science select committees last week and who came out of it better. Do you want a Prime Minister or a Monarch (and by “monarch” we’re not talking about the one we’ve already got.)

This week, in an interview with Dax Shepard, Prince Harry created a stir in his new neighborhood by labeling America’s First Amendment as “bonkers.” It was but a small comment in a larger discussion of a Royal in therapy and James and Toby tackle both head on.

Other topics deftly addressed in this episode include Laura Dodsworth’s new book  A State of Fear: How the UK Government Weaponised Fear During the Covid-19 Pandemic (an excerpt of which can be read at Lockdown Sceptics),  Heather Mac Donald’s piece on colourblind casting at Juilliard, and how former NY Times science writer Nicholas Wade has brought the Wuhan Lab leak theory into the mainstream.

Due to the graciousness of Her Majesty’s Government, we’re starting this week with a party at the Young house! (No, not in the Young house, just at the Young house.)

We talk about the BBC’s decision not to cover last Saturday’s anti-lockdown protest – in spite of roughly 100,000 people attending –  the forthcoming march on May 29th, whether the “Indian Variant” will stop the PM from lifting all restrictions on June 21st as planned, and why are so many media types promoting the vaccine?

The results of the elections are in: The Tories increase their Parliamentary majority with a by-election win in Hartlepool, the SNP came up short of a majority in Scotland and Lozza lost both his race and his deposit. James and Toby have plenty of analysis.

We then turn to Auntie Beeb’s “hug” expert, they debate who will be more sorry in five years time, and just what exactly does “Build Back Better” really mean?

After butchering the American holiday calendar, our intrepid duo takes on the Government’s Covid calendar. Such is the nervousness of the general population, the Delingpole family went to lunch and behaved so normally they got banned from the restaurant for life.

James and Toby then take on why the media has become lapdogs for Number 10 on Covid policy. How is it that a Tory government is getting absolutely no push back? Maybe a £320M media buy will grease the skids?

We start with Saturday’s anti-lockdown protest in London and the under-reporting of it by the BBC. When press does report on such events you can count on them to be generally characterized as being  populated by Covid deniers, conspiracy theorists and far right extremists. (James Delingpole with the hat trick!)

Then we move on to the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies (SAGE) and its stance on BLM and Susan Michie – a member of the both SAGE and the Communist Party of Great Britain.

James hit the campaign trail with Laurence Fox this past weekend (Mmmmmm, donuts…) and now we gather to talk a little treason and try to avoid getting arrested. Toby, meanwhile attended an FA semifinal match and, between the masks and the stadium Nazis, had an absolutely miserable time.

Our hero of the week is Rod Humphris, landlord of The Raven in Bath who threw Labour Leader Keir Starmer out his establishment.

Today was the day to begin day drinking in the UK (at least in public.) Pubs and retail stores may resume operations but with restrictions, of course.

We would be remiss not to address the loss of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. We take note of this interview he gave to Afternoon Plus in 1984.

The Easter holiday comes to an end and with it the deprivations of Lent. When will the deprivations of lockdowns go with it?

James is convinced his generation is waving the white flag of surrender for traditional liberal Western values while Toby blames their corruption on the power we’ve handed them. (To understand the forces at play here he recommends Power Broker from the Lockdown Sceptics’ Library.)

We start the week by doing the weekly shopping with James and Toby – without masks, of course.

According to the government today is “Happy Monday,” with a limited return to outdoor sport and tea in the garden with the neighbors. But that’s always “the variants” lurking around the corner… lurking like a balloon animal stuffed with walnuts coming after your puppy. (That story has a better ending than Freddie the Hammersmith seal.)

James attended this past weekend’s anti-lockdown protests in London with Reclaim mayoral candidate Laurence Fox and managed not to get arrested. But how many people were in attendance is certainly up for debate, and debate is what James and Toby do.

Who is the biggest impediment to getting the adult population of Europe vaccinated? Is it people like our intrepid duo or is it really “leaders” like France’s President Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron?

We took a ride on the Technical Struggle Bus this week. Someone was throwing some electrical interference James’ way (we think MI-5 has finally caught up to him) and Toby was coming in a little bit hot… Apologies in advance.

But content-wise we have plenty of good stuff in here. After a small bit of self-congratulations (We’re Number Three! We’re Number Three!) we tackle the suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine rollout across Continental Europe, the defenestration of Piers Morgan following his criticisms of Meghan Markle, and the cancellation of the banjo player from Mumford and Sons for liking Andy Ngo’s book.

What did you expect one day after CBS flooded our screens with Meghan and Harry and Oprah? Toby and James review the allegations, the whining and the greater themes of royal victimhood and racism.

Then they’re on to Laurence Fox’s entrance and Nigel Farage’s exit from electoral politics. (You can catch Fox on the Ricochet Podcast here or the video here.) And then we have a Covid update that casts a wide net from Glasgow to Boise.

This week James and Toby are naming names. James Corden, Graham Norton, Natascha McElhone, Peter Hitchens and, of course, Harry & Meghan. Could a couples therapy be in the offing between our hosts and Oprah?

We continue weaving our way through the Bernard Cornwell oeuvre, talk a little French television (including Marseille with Gérard Depardieu) and Toby flips his wig – literally.

Congratulations to us. We have a podcast! Last week, due to some technical problems on Toby’s end we lost not one, but two attempts at production. This week we pulled out all the stops, put several redundant systems in place and, of course, none of it was needed. Go figure.

After lamenting that which could have been, we’re on to the matter at hand: Monday was D-Day for the Johnson Government. The Prime Minister has unveiled his roadmap to reopening UK society. Are you getting the jab for a Covid Passport?

This week James “Scorched Earth” Delingpole and Toby “Forgive and Forget” Young square off about attacking all of James’ former allies (including Dan Hannan and Chris Snowdon) and in this week’s pandemic news, is “Zero Covid” really a workable idea?

Culturally we cover The Dig (Netflix), the story of the UK’s greatest archeological find at Sutton Hoo, the Israeli series Losing Alice (AppleTV+), and because Toby is a member of Bafta (Have we ever mentioned that?) the Tom Hanks movie News of the World.

This week James and Toby recount their doings in support of The Great Reopening… and the deeds of others, too. (Protests have erupted here, here and here.) Delingpole goes walkabout in his area of the country and comes away a bit disappointed, but others are fighting such as this Edinburgh shopkeeper or this salon owner in Oakenshaw who has racked up £27,000 ($36,888 US) in fines so far.

Toby, on the other hand, has an unqualified win in the Cambridge Union debate: “The Lockdown Was a Mistake.”  Evidently that sort of thing will happen when you stay sober for the entire month.

Oh, to be in England now that snow has come… as it wreaks havoc on the Delingpole household.

Otherwise, everything is going “Great…” as in The Great Reset, The Great Reopening… The Great Revolt. There seems to be two kind of people in the world right now, the compliant and the rebellious. You can guess where our intrepid duo slots in. And it’s not in Davos.

The show takes a decidedly different tone this week as Toby and James seek to find common ground… er… a common sheet of ice in a cold, raging river of politics.

There is a bit of talk of the news of the day, namely the disappearing act the Big Tech giants have pulled on Parler, but mostly it’s dinner parties in New York, seats in the House of Lords, and the ever-burning, sure-t0-divide question, “What’s in your downstairs loo?”

Disagreement over the lockdown has taken a decidedly different turn in the New Year. This past weekend Toby received a death threat in one of his email accounts and it was deemed that it was serious enough to warrant a police visit. He also got into a very public row with Conservative MP Neil O’Brien (Harborough, Oadby & Wigston).

On the culture front, we find James watching (*gasp*) the BBC and he recommends The Serpent, the story of serial killer Charles Sobhraj. (It’s a BBC/Netflix co-production so American listeners will presumably get it shortly after the Beeb is done with its run.) Toby is so disgusted with this year’s Bafta offerings (Have we ever mentioned that Toby is a Bafta member?) that he’s gone back to revisiting older films such as SPECTRE and Star Trek: Beyond.