James is back from holiday and has some suggestions for the Royal family: First, we need a new Order of Knighthood. Second, Harry has sent us all a hostage video and it may be time for an extraction.

Exactly what is Meghan’s hold over the Prince? Let’s put this way, we Googled the “Shanghai Grip” so you wouldn’t have to.

James was a bit jealous of Toby’s Covid-19 antibody test results last week, so he went to get his own – and that was after dropping more than a few quid on one just a couple months ago. But the results were so important James interrupted his holiday to share them with us.

After those preliminaries, Toby enthuses about Hamilton (now streaming on Disney+) as the perfect rebuttal to the BLM/Howard Zinn version of American history. However, people who gushed over the show when Lin-Manuel Miranda was performing for President Obama in the White House are now calling the show “problematic.”

After a proper chastising for not being available until Wednesday of last week, Toby redeems himself through his work for the Free Speech Union – and the exoneration of an Isle of Man broadcaster.

In the heart of this week’s discussion  James and Toby tackle Cambridge’s hypocrisy on free speech. The academy is fine with backing Dr Priyamvada Gopal but not anyone that comes from the right of center.  We now have a Maoist movement that’s sweeping up all before it and it’s even captured the Church of England. Finally, they wonder why in the world British BLM protestors want to defund the police when the coppers are nothing more than the para-military wing of The Guardian to begin with.

James and Toby begin the show with the Free Speech Union‘s legal action yesterday against Ofcom (the UK equivalent of the FCC), and their decision to go after anyone that contradicts or questions the government on its Covid-19 policy.

But the main discussion centers on the timidity of the Prime Minister – who still won’t accept that Covid-19 is on the wane. James thinks Boris is full of bluster and Toby thinks James has BDS, aka Boris Derangement Syndrome. And speaking of Covid-19, Toby reveals his test results that he teased last week.

Back before the election in December James and Toby worried about their fate under a Corbyn Government. Now the Cultural Revolution is back with a vengeance and the worries return, particularly if more left-wing college graduates lose their jobs.

Also, should we shut down The Guardian because of its links to the slave trade and the row created by Boris’s new race relations tsar.

Toby and James were appalled by what they witnessed this weekend: Journalists applauding the mob that tore down Edward Colston’s statue in Bristol and the police that let them do it and excused them afterwards. What’s next? Hadrian’s Wall?

Also, they start to go over the list of people who have now been cancelled for showing insufficient fealty to the BLM cause. Are you on the list yet?

Not long after breaking lockdown forced Neil Ferguson, the Imperial College boffin behind the Covid-19 death model, to be bounced from advising Number 10, the PM’s closest advisor, Dominic Cummings, was found straying from London himself.

Now, James and Toby don’t think Cummings should resign for breaking lockdown, but his head should probably roll for backing the lockdown policy in the first place. Plus, are lockdown sceptics like our hosts endangering people’s life? Or is it more dangerous to follow the official advice?

This week the British bed-wetters are doubling down on the lockdown and Toby and James are thinking abut forming a new political party called the Dangerous Party for people who are pro-risk.

Speaking of risk, the lads lead off with a recount of James’ near fine and/or arrest for committing an act of journalism as the constabulary questions his presence at the Speaker’s Corner of Hyde Park yesterday (and a tip of the hat to our Twitter follower @SteveRightNLeft)

The American wit Will Rogers once said, “All I know is what I read in the papers.” And as far as James and Toby are concerned, ol’ Will wouldn’t have known anything about the state of the world today. Why is the mainstream media missing so much during this pandemic and why do you have to turn to obscure websites – like LockdownSceptics.org – to find out what’s really going on?


Right after we wrapped production on our last episode The Telegraph broke the story of the scandal that’s rocked the British Establishment: Professor Neil Ferguson, architect of the lockdown policy, resigned after being caught with his pants down with a married mother of two. So Toby and James are back in a Special Shagadelic Emergency Edition of London Calling, and the only thing we can say is, “Yeah, baby!”

Opening sound of Health Secretary Matt Hancock courtesy of SkyNews.

As other countries and individual American States open up, Toby laments that his opposition to the lockdown, and his new website, LockdownSceptics.org, is gradually taking over his life. After a promising start with Brexit, James is starting to believe that this Government is the worst of his lifetime.

And that’s mostly due to the PM’s early about-face in response to Neil Ferguson and his Imperial College modeling. (Note: After the show was recorded Ferguson resigned his position for breaking the lockdown rules with his married lover.)

The longer the lockdown, the higher the skepticism, especially here on the United Kingdom’s Most Trusted Podcast®.  James and Toby kick off the week with another worldwide rundown of pandemic life – who’s opening up and who’s not – and the PM’s decision announced early Monday has produced a Delingfunk. James is looking for an exit destination and has the American South in his sights. (Anyone want to explain life in the SEC to James? Go Dawgs! Sic ‘Em!)

Then it’s on to WAGS, stalkers and the cultural picks of the week. Just another week in Lockdown Paradise.

We open this episode with Toby’s work on lockdownskeptics.org and whether or not the faith we’ve placed in our scientific experts is well founded or not. Will BoJo – that’s Boris Johnson to you and me – recover his Mojo and end the lockdown or will he go wobbly? Toby is optimistic, but James isn’t.

Also, James recommends The Hunt and Toby salivates over Too Hot to Handle.

Toby and James celebrate the resurrection of their old chum Boris Johnson.  But there are worries. Will his near-death experience make it harder for him to end the lockdown? And are there any hopes for NHS reform after this?

Then there’s our usual cultural roundup including endorsements of Ozarks, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Thor: Ragnorock. And is it just James or is anyone else creeped out by the age difference between Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in the classic film, Charade?

Toby’s New Puppy

James and Toby send their love to their old chum Boris, now in intensive care, and worry about the decisions the Government will take in his absence.

Toby reveals that he’s every man the PM is – he’s sick as a dog, too.  He may not make it to next week but he still wants the lockdown to end, especially in light of the way the local constabularies have reacted to the government’s directives.

What’s the direction out of this thing?

We are being responsible and maintaining our distance this week as Toby and James say the unsayable and wonder if shutting down the global economy will be worth it in terms of lives saved.

Also, the Stasi-like tendencies of the Twitter social isolation police, Boris’s handling of the crisis and whether the pandemic will mean the end of man hugs. Toby hopes it will, James hopes it won’t. Plus we salute the frontline troops – the men and women in medical service, not just in the NHS, but around the world.

On this week’s edition of the United Kingdom’s Most Trusted Podcast®, our men revisit the COVID-19 Panic Scale from last week and find a reversal of circumstances (primarily because James thinks he’s already had it.)

Compared to how other nations have attacked the problem of this pandemic, how is the Prime Minister doing? Has there been a U-turn or just a slight tack in strategy?

On a scale of how worried to be about Coronavirus, Toby is on three, but James is on eight. In fact, James thinks he’s got it. As of publication there’s been 373 confirmed cases in the UK and 6 confirmed deaths.

Also on the agenda: Britain’s forthcoming green budget from the relatively unknown (but heavily ratioed on Twitter) Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, the no-platforming of former MP and cabinet member Amber Rudd and a take on the brilliance of the late Max von Sydow, who died last Sunday at age 90.

The Prime Minister’s partner Carrie Symonds is pregnant and the couple have got engaged, they have announced.

This week on the ever-popular, growing by leaps and bounds, London Calling, James sneaks off to Bristol where he goes undercover disguised as a member of Antifa to attend a Greta Thunberg rally.