This week, James and Toby reflect on what it’s been like to live through a year of such enormous historical importance and whether their sense of humour has helped them get through it. Who’s really on the “right side of history?”

Cancel culture arrived at Eton College, Britain’s poshest school, last week when a popular teacher was sacked for a video he refused to remove from YouTube that dared to go against the current political orthodoxy. It’s a case that has reverberations for lovers of free speech everywhere – including the campus of the University of Chicago.

This week on the UK’s Fastest Growing Podcast™ Messrs. Delingpole and Young get a little contentious. After reviewing the week’s Covid news they turn their attention to the US Presidential election and words fly. Words such as “Tesla,” “shotgun,” “fragging” and the “C-word.”

Things get so heated the bleep machine gets pulled out. Crikey.

There’s been a shakeup at No. 10. Adviser Dom Cummings is out, as is communications director Lee Cain. So who’s calling the shots? Boris? Carrie Symonds? Klaus Schwab? And who’s that measuring drapes?

The Young house is getting a rewire (and we hope renovations go better than it did in Chelsea) and the world seems to be getting a “Great Reset” much to the dismay of James and Toby. Every element of society seems to be lining up to criminalise dissent.

James and Toby react to the PM’s presser from late Monday afternoon as Pfizer announces a 90% success rate in their Covid-19 vaccine and ask the musical question, “Why Can’t an Englishman be More Like a German?”

And then, like everyone else, our intrepid duo has a take on the US Presidential election. One thinks it may be time for a tactical retreat while the other proclaims, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” (We’ll let you guess which is which.) So exactly who was Donald Trump referencing as “Britain’s Best?” We have an idea.

It’s Election Day in the United States (kinda) and Toby and James discuss the bets they’ve placed on a Trump victory. On the domestic front they decry Boris Johnson’s decision to impose a second national lockdown and ridicule the idea that the UK is looking at 4,000 Covid deaths a day.

Our intrepid duo then draw up plans for James’s book about his Oxford contemporaries: My Generation: The Worst in History.

This week our show has a bit of Hitchcockian opening as James recounts his time with Strangers on a Train. That encounter leads us to the recent Dutch study on the effectiveness of masks that seems to have been left homeless – because “science.” Nobody will touch it.

With the Presidential election just around the corner everybody gets a call to place their bets, a call that delivers a disturbing memory in Toby’s gambling life. And somehow along the way our gentlemen take time to appreciate their wives – and the total indifference they show in their professional lives.

Tuesday evening the PM announced that the greater Manchester area would be given the Third Tier Lockdown treatment. And for Toby and James the one thing this situation has done is highlight the divide between England and the devolved nations of the “United” Kingdom.

It has also highlighted the power struggle between the elected and the unelected in government, namely S.A.G.E. (the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), which at this point should probably be renamed C.Y.A.. In the end it has made James and Toby relieved to be married (although not to each other,) especially given that Boris’s new lockdown rules mean couples that live apart can only meet outside.

On this week’s episode James and Toby react to the PM’s announcement of a second round of restrictions in the fight against Covid-19. There are now three levels of restrictions and – spoiler alert – there are no levels that are free from restrictions.

So, we have more lockdowns and at what cost? Cancer specialist Angus Dalgleish recounted the suicide – of not one but two – of his colleagues in an article in the Daily Mail over the weekend. There is hope in the Great Barrington Declaration, that is, if Big Tech decides not to find a reason to squash it.

This week on the UK’s Fastest Growing Podcast® James and Toby ruminate about the relationship between the English and the Scots and lament what the SNP has done to it – and that’s just the beginning of a very full show.

What does Donald Trump’s Covid diagnosis mean to the US election and what’s more of a threat – disease or Big Tech?  (#DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election by Allum Bokhari)

James attended  Saturday’s anti-lockdown march in Trafalgar Square and tells Toby about the aggressive behavior of the riot police. The government’s contact tracing app turns out to be a real abomination and university students are now paying for the privilege of being locked in their residency halls with the threat of losing £8,500 (US$10,914) if they stray. Will they really vote Tory in the future? How about Laurence Fox’s new party?

Also, Toby praises Tehran on Apple TV+ and James finally gets stuck into The Boys Season 2.

This morning in the House, the Prime Minister announced the re-imposition of the lockdown rules in England to avoid what he says is a looming second wave of Covid-19. Now, Toby and James wonder where it all went wrong with Boris and curse themselves for ever having invested any hope in him.

Also, leading up to the big grouse hunt James discovers a better way to shoot and in a chilling anecdote we learn Toby almost fell into the hands of Britain’s most notorious serial killer.

This year is like living in a zombie movie. Except it’s worse, because the zombies are running the country. Or maybe it’s The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, because someone has even taken over the usually reliable Home Secretary, Priti Patel, and they won’t give her back.

The government has introduced “the Rule of Six” and is urging you to spy on your neighbors and turn them in accordingly. It’s gotten to the point where a Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View, Johnny Mercer, has taken to Twitter to call James the “C” word.

Ready for the Second Wave of Covid? The one that may never come?

After our weekly update from the Lockdown-Sceptic-in-Chief, James and Toby ridicule the idea that Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter protestors are street-fighting, working class rebels. In fact, they’re white, privileged, privately-educated members of the ruling class, which is why the police stand idly by and watch them smash windows and block roads or fall to their knees in obeisance. The real rebels are the anti-lockdown protestors, which is why they’re being arrested and fined £10,000.

James and Toby have officially passed the hero stage with their kids and are firmly entrenched as “the embarrassment.” The Delingpole lad thinks James is nothing more than a dancing monkey performing for his Twitter followers, while Toby reveals his daughter has changed her surname to avoid being associated with him.

Meanwhile, there’s the latest news and culture to deal with. Piers Corbyn, brother of the former Labour Leader, was arrested and fined £10,000 for organising an anti-lockdown protest, Adele is accused of cultural appropriation and Toby likes Ted Lasso.

This week James reports in from an undisclosed location (his evil genius lair, no doubt) and he and Toby review the week’s doings, from the latest on the Covid lockdowns to the foolishness of the multi-culti wokeness of the BBC and their plans for this year’s Proms.

We get their views on the Biden-Harris ticket (or is that Harris-Biden?) and the prospect of Donald Trump’s re-election, plus our cultural reviews, highlighted by the very disappointing Greyhound with Tom Hanks on AppleTV.

Eighty years ago the United Kingdom and her Commonwealth stood alone against fascist tyranny – defiant and resolved to preserve their liberty. Now, all across the Anglosphere the citizenry is meekly abiding by all sorts of arbitrary and capricious dictates in the name of safety, including the postponement of elections. What’s happened?

If the Johnson government has cocked up its response to Covid, its response to the GCE A Levels has been even worse. (The UK equivalent of the American SATs.)

The time for the fall term is quickly bearing down on us and James and Toby are itching to get kids back in the classroom. But others aren’t so sure. Said the Prime Minister this weekend, “Now that we know enough to reopen schools to all pupils safely, we have a moral duty to do so.”

Also on tap (literally and figuratively) this week: Getting back into the pubs, the new dating forum on Lockdown Sceptics gets press,  and fat-fingered police stopped MP Dawn Butler (Labour, Brent Central) and, of course, charges of institutional racism followed. (This from a woman who once claimed that 90% of all giraffes are gay and had her staff forge an endorsement letter from Barack Obama.)

About yesterday…

We didn’t exactly miss our Monday record date, we just missed Toby pushing the record button. Stuff happens. But we’re back for another go. And go we do.

Everyone is back at their home base this week (barely) and James braves his way through the podcast, ignoring the terrific pain from the torn muscle in his shoulder. Toby wraps up his trip and recounts the procedure of getting the family home from Italy.

Then it’s on to the news of the day and the implementation of the mask requirements in England. James tested the waters and then conducted a Twitter poll on his status on the Shagability Meter. Needless to say he got mixed results on both endeavors.

The view from the Young villa in Italy.

This week on the UK’s Favorite Podcast (well, in the Top 100, anyway…) Toby calls in from Italy (complete with kids and traffic) where he tells James about his trip to Venice, which has been great because it’s been mostly tourist free. Back on the homefront, James takes great pains to walk us through yesterday’s anti-mask protest at Hyde Park. And we do mean great pains as he’s fighting a bad back.