After lamenting about the rising and eye-watering expense of summer holidays, James and Toby take off the gloves and duke it out over two red-hot topics: First up, Putin’s muted reaction to the prospect of Finland and Sweden joining NATO and whether or not that gives the lie to the claim that Putin was ‘provoked’ into attacking Ukraine. Secondly, the imminent World Health Organization treaty that James thinks will transfer decision-making power from national parliaments to Bill Gates and the bevy of unelected international bureaucrats if (or when) there’s another pandemic.

We also cover “transrights ninjas” and the extension of the terms of reference of the official UK Covid inquiry to include vaccine harms.

In this week’s London Calling, James and Toby discuss the QPR’s failure to reach the Championship play-offs, last week’s local election results (“Boring,” snorts James), Sinn Fein’s success in Northern Ireland and what that means for the future of the United Kingdom. Then there’s Keir Starmer’s announcement that he’ll resign if the Durham Police conclude he broke the rules during Beer-gate and Simon Kuper’s new book about how all Britain’s ills can be laid at the door at Toby and James’s generation of Oxford students.

They briefly take on America’s turmoil with the leak of the Supreme Court’s likely decision to reverse Roe v Wade, in which James thinks was a manufactured distraction of the Pfizer document dump.

This week’s we have a Bank Holiday edition of London Calling which begins with James and Toby showing an amazing lack of understanding of the US holiday calendar but more than make up for it with a review of the weekend’s Delingpod Live event at London’s Emmanuel Centre.

In the news there’s the coming global famine and whether it’s cock-up or conspiracy, the fact that the Queen is going to be played by a woman of colour in the Platinum Jubilee pageant, whether either of them have ever stumbled across pornography while searching for tractors.

This week James and Toby discuss the news of Elon Musk’s apparently imminent takeover of Twitter and what that means for fans of free speech. We look back at Sunday’s big story, the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, muse over the integrity of the French Presidential election and whether Marine Le Pen’s 42% share of the vote means France is more racist than Britain and at home, what’s the future of Boris Johnson.

In Culture Corner, Slow Horses, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (BritBox), Moon Knight (Disney+) and The Northman (Focus Features/Universal).

In this special Easter weekend version of London Calling, James and Toby tackle the Church of England, from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s unwelcome intervention in the immigration debate to their refusal to ordain Calvin Robinson.

Then it’s on to that other religion, football, with QPR’s games on Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday. We go frolicking with the Easter Bunny as James writes about the rabbit hole of chem trails and we talk about Joe Biden’s world of imaginary friends. Our news segment ends with the latest on the Eastern front with the sinking of the Moskva and whether things in Ukraine is going well or badly for Putin.

A plethora of topics on this week’s episode of London Calling: environmental protests, Boris’s double U-turn on banning conversion therapy, the non-dom (that’s “non-domiciled,” for our American listeners) status of the wife of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the horrors of the latest CCP lockdown in Shangai, the French election – and finally – Boris’s surprise visit to Ukraine.

Our Culture Corner segment covers The Dropout (Hulu in the US, Disney+ in the UK), WeCrash  (AppleTV) and the new documentary, Jimmy Saville: A British Horror Story (Netflix).

In this week’s London Calling, the topics under discussion are James’s recent trip to Bulgaria, Elon Musk’s purchase of close to 10% of Twitter, the ‘Respect my sex if you want my X’ campaign, and the Fixed Penalty Notice slapped on Boris’s “head of ethics” for attending a party in Downing Street.

Which then leads to wonder just why karaoke seems to appeal so much to Tory politicians, the latest shenanigans of Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil.

In this week’s London Calling, James and Toby discuss Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s unwillingness to thank the British government for securing her release at a cost of £400 million to the British taxpayer and how Boris’s comparison of the crisis in Ukraine to Brexit upset more than a few people.

In more cultural matters (not to be confused with Culture Corner) they talk about the absurd spectacle of Formula 1 drivers wearing masks while being interviewed at the Grand Prix and try to think of various ingenious ways of making the Oscars more popular (they could present a Best Non-Woke Film Award).

This week, James and Toby talk about the Delingpoles recent holiday in Costa Rica (he loved the wildlife, but not the masks) and then it’s on to the events of the week:

The £400m release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Anoosheh Ashoori from Iran, Elon Musk’s proposal to wrestle Vladimir Putin for Ukrainewhether or not James is suffering from ‘oikophobia’ (Roger Scruton’s word for people who loathe and detest their own country), the ongoing war in Ukraine and whether it really is going as badly for Putin as the mainstream media and Western politicians maintain, and finally, the horror that is the Online Safety Bill.

In this week’s London Calling, Toby has to guess where James is on holiday – and he does – and James praises the British Airways staff for not once telling him to put on a mask during the 12-hour flight.

For the most part they cannot agree on anything this week, whether it’s about the war in Ukraine (James even takes issue with Toby’s claim that the invasion isn’t going according to Putin’s plan*) or the role of Covid and the vaccines on the death of legendary cricketer Shane Warne from a heart attack aged 52. James blames the ‘clot shot’ whereas Toby thinks it had more to do with his hard-partying lifestyle and his recent 14-day liquid diet. But they do agree that Warne was a great man.

In this week’s episode of London Calling, James and Toby engage in a bit of throat-clearing about James’s meeting with Jason Miller, CEO of Gettr, then get to the main event – Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – which they disagree about. James is sceptical about the fact that so much of the MSM is “hot for war,” as he puts it, while Toby argues that the reason there is almost universal condemnation of Putin is because he has engaged in an unprovoked act of military aggression against an independent sovereign state and his forces are currently bombing civilians. James insists it’s “more complicated” than that and believes the political leader of Ukraine, as well as the leaders of the West, bear some responsibility for the crisis.

Then, in Culture Corner, James says how much he’s enjoying jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy (Netflix), while Toby continues to praise Pam and Tommy (Hulu), although he’s not convinced Pam is quite as innocent as she’s portrayed by Lilly James.

This week Toby Young talks to the man in the street. Our man James Delingpole is literally on the streets of London – complete with the occasional car horn, siren and gusts of wind – but the show must go on.

Toby wraps up his trip with tales of Mexico and then, staying in North America, they take on Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Crackdown. Who is calling the shots? Is it the the PM or Klaus Schwab? Domestically we ask the question, “Is Boris Johnson running the worst government in recent memory?” And then they survey the damage of last week’s storm.

The US Navy’s recruiting slogan used to be, “It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure!” Sometimes that applies to this podcast, too.

This week Toby comes to us from Mexico City and James from rural England where broadband is non-existent and hard drives go to die. After taping on Monday, James’ computer committed seppuku, leaving us without a show. But we’ve gotten the band back together and we’re here with your weekly fix.

Jump up in the cab, good buddies, look’s like we got ourselves a convoy…

James and Toby discuss the Freedom Convoy, which has restored their faith in Canadians and then touch on the Jimmy Carr joke imbroglio. Carr, who has made a living telling tasteless jokes (and avoiding taxes, but that’s another story) has caused various left-wing comedians to demand that he and his Netflix special be cancelled.

The last time we heard from our intrepid duo, Toby and James were making plans to go shooting together. It seems they fought off all temptation to take aim at one another because they’re back – hail, hearty and full of game.

There is, of course, the continuing sagas of our times: Partygate, who’s really in charge of Covid policy and the inglorious end of the NHS vaccine mandate. In America there’s the fall out over The Joe Rogan Experience and whether our little show would fall foul of Spotify’s new Covid rules.

In this week’s episode of London Calling is very sobering – literally. Before James and Toby talk about who’s to blame for the crisis in Ukraine, Toby’s Dry January turned very wet over the weekend.

Then they take on Putin, Biden, NATO and Ukraine and why they can’t bring themselves to spell Kiev “K-Y-I-V.”

In this week’s London Calling, James and Toby argue about whether the global pandemic is over (Toby thinks it is, while James thinks it’s a false dawn) and discuss the Johnny-come-latelies who claim to have been lockdown sceptics all along. They compare them to repentant Communists after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

They also worry that it may be all over for their old friend Boris (well, James isn’t that worried) and what is going to offered up to satisfy the Tory base in “Operation Save Big Dog,” whether that puts the television license back on the table. And if the BBC is such great value for the money why doesn’t it become a subscription service?

Guess who has Covid – again? One half of our intrepid duo, that’s who.

After that personal update its off to the Madness Down Under and Men’s Tennis #1 Novak Djockovic’s battle with the immigration authorities over his vaccine status and his spot in the Australian Open.

In this week’s episode of London Calling, Toby collects his 50 quid and then he and James debate whether 2022 will be the year we return to normal or “The Great Reset” will continue apace.

What lies ahead in politics? What’s the line of succession in Scotland, what does the conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell hold for the powerful around the world and what are the chances of Boris surviving until the end of 2022?

It’s our last show of 2021, in the 52nd week of another Covid year. And it’s a real Twixmas special! Toby and James discuss Boris’s postponement of D-Day, being ridiculed by their families over Christmas, their best Christmas gifts of 2021 and Toby’s public shaming on Twitter last week. And for a side of surprise James throws Donald Trump aside.

In Culture Corner Toby touts The Rescue (Disney+), Operation Mincemeat (Netflix release in US TBA, UK theatrical release in April 2022) and Munich: Edge of War (Netflix). James watches Can You Ever Forgive Me? (Disney+) and says, “Not really.”