China is very active in building infrastructure for developing nations. For the last two decades, they have invested billions of dollars in Africa in the form of roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure. This week, on “Heritage Explains,” expert Josh Meservey explains how China is using these buildings to  spy on the U.S. and why they continues to invest in Africa.

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Did you know that some people find Thanksgiving controversial? They believe to celebrate this holiday, or the Pilgrims associated with it, is a celebration of genocide. They think it should be replaced by a “National Day of Mourning” according to The Daily Signal’s Jarrett Stepman. Today, in a special Thanksgiving episode we read Stepman’s article about why America’s future depends on the celebration of Thanksgiving. P.S. Make sure you catch the end of the show, you don’t want to miss Tim in “feast” mode.

A few episodes ago, we began to uncover a plot driven by George Soros (and others like him) to completely reshape law and order in America. On this episode, we continue to expose the left’s coordinated effort to dismantle traditional, independent-minded prosecutors who put the rule of law above politics and party. They are then replaced by rogues who usurp the constitutional role of the legislative branch by refusing to prosecute entire categories of crime. The question is: why would billionaires want to change up the system that they have benefitted so much from?

Do we have a winner? When will we know? What comes next? This week, in a special Friday episode, Tommy Binion explains what conservatives need to know.

In the wake of certain states limiting in-person church attendance and restricting things like singing due to covid-19, many people are rising up to push back. Is this an infringement on our first amendment rights? This week, we are joined by Sean Feucht. He started the #LetUsWorship movement, that has so far visited 45 cities around America, allowing tens of thousands of people to demand the right to worship. They are calling on the church to become more active in our political system, and speak out against religious persecution through lockdowns, cancel culture, censorship, as well as ending abortion.  On this episode, Feucht talks about his motivation for starting the movement, the pushback, the success, and what the church’s proper role should be moving forward.

How woke is your workplace? This week, Christopher Rufo, a Heritage Foundation visiting fellow, explains what critical race theory is and how it’s dividing America.

A report recently surfaced that North Korea and Iran have resumed working together on long-range missile cooperation. In addition, at a recent parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Korea Worker’s Party, North Korea showed off new, powerful weapons suggesting continued growth in their ability to pose serious threats to the US and our allies. On this episode, Tim talks with Bruce Klinger, and examine the relationship between North Korea and Iran – as well as what these new weapons mean for our national security. 


More and more universities are instituting speech codes and creating limited free speech zones in attempt to control what words can and cannot be used on campus. On part 2 of our “Back to School” special, Heritage’s Jonathan Butcher walks us through the state of free speech at America’s colleges and explains how we can restore the First Amendment rights of students.

Many have eyes fixed on Washington, DC when it comes to politics and policy. But a few very wealthy and powerful people are looking outside of DC – not just at the state level, but to cities and counties. Over the last several years, people like George Soros are investing millions of dollars in local district attorney races. They are looking to replace traditional “law and order” D.A.’s with progressive “reform-minded” D.A.’s. This week, we talk with Jason Johnson from the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund about their new report that shows the devastating impact that reform D.A.’s seem to be having on the communities they serve. If this continues, what will our justice system look like? We also talk about whether or not this is part of a larger, coordinated effort running alongside defund the police and the Bail Project.  

How quickly can a Supreme Court nominee be confirmed? What are the rules? What about what’s happened in the past? This week Thomas Jipping, deputy director of Heritage’s Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, walks us through what history can tell us about how the process to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should proceed. 

In part one of this two-part series, we discussed the Chinese Communist Party’s overt attempt to completely destroy the culture and identity of millions of Uighur Muslims living in Western China.  From arresting people in the middle of the night, to forcing them to attend reeducation camps for years, to their ruthless pursuit of limiting Uighur births through forced abortions and sterilization, the evidence is overwhelming that China’s abuse of their own people is only getting worse. This week, we bring this horrific story closer to home by interviewing Ziba Murat, a Uighur woman who hasn’t heard from or spoken to her mother in over two years. Since her mother’s disappearance, it has surfaced that the Chinese Communist Party placed her in a concentration camp, and refuses to give updates or acknowledge her disappearance or when she will be released.

The Chinese Communist Party has targeted Uighur Muslims living in China by placing them in concentration camps/reeducation camps and turning their province into a police state. They’ve done this with the intent to strip them of their unique ethnic, cultural, and religious identity and replace it with allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party. From arresting people in the middle of the night, to forcing them to attend reeducation camps for years, to their ruthless pursuit of limiting Uighur births through forced abortions and sterilization, the evidence is overwhelming that China’s abuse of their own people is only getting worse. This week, we hear part 1 of a two-part series, documenting and discussing the evidence of this atrocity, and what the US role should be.

As our kids head back to school, there are massive protests and riots in America’s largest cities, increased anti-American sentiment, and the cancelling of some of the most important people from Western history. Amidst all this chaos comes the question: why is this happening? Why do these people in the streets hate America so much? The answer is they were taught to hate it. On this special “back to school” episode we are joined by Katie Gorka, who gives a crash course on American public education and where it all went wrong. 


The Left continues to push for all-mail elections. They say it’s safe, and we can trust the Post Office to handle the tens of millions of ballots that are cast during election season. They claim that President Trump is standing in the way of vote-by-mail, and claim he’s disenfranchising voters. But if we hit pause for a second and look at the totality of the circumstances, there are very legitimate concerns when it comes to switching to an all vote-by-mail election, as well as the devastating possibility that your vote will be lost or not counted. On this episode, leading election integrity voice Hans von Spakovsky joins us again, and corrects the narrative on why a national vote-by-mail effort is a really bad idea.

Its been over 75 days of nightly riots in Portland and the violence is spreading to cities across the country. This week, Lora Ries, a senior research fellow in homeland security, talks about how this started, why the protests continue, and what we can do to stop them.

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Sports events have always been an escape from the challenges of everyday life. Think back to your favorite sports memories. Is there anything better than seeing your team win, and then celebrating with your friends and family? But what has been the one constant at all sporting events in America? The National Anthem. This is a time when we put our differences aside, and pay tribute to the nation and those who fight for it. But now, if you turn on most sports events, you’ll likely see teams kneeling during the National Anthem, wearing Black Lives Matter apparel, and protesting. Sports seem to no longer be just about sports. On this episode, we talk about the state of sports in the US, the influence of the Black Lives Matter movement, and why the National Anthem is something worth standing for. 

The free market is offering hope to parents who were running out of options for the upcoming school year through something called “pandemic pods.” This week, Dr. Lindsay Burke explains what these pods are, how they work, how much they cost, and how they are reshaping our education system. 

The US has seen a lot of action involving our relationship with China throughout July 2020.  From sanctions, to closing consulates, to Hong Kong, to holding China accountable for the Covid-19 pandemic, this makes an already complex “tit for tat” situation even more complex. On this episode, we talk with Jim Carafano about why the media narrative of “tit for tat” is actually not the proper way to describe what’s going on. We also discuss the proper way to deal with it to ensure our economic and national security.  


More and more experts agree that science says it’s safe to send kids back to school as long as new guidelines and safety measures are in place. This week, Dr. Kevin Pham, a medical doctor, explains why he believes in person schooling would actually be one of the SAFEST activities to reopen in America.

We’ve all seen the phrase E pluribus unum written all over American symbols. When translated from Latin it means: out of many, one. This phrase has helped create our unique American culture. But recently, the left has been using identity politics to divide us. This week, we talk to Mike Gonzalez. He has a brand new book out called “The Plot to Change America: How Identity Politics is Dividing the Land of the Free.” This book exposes the myths that help identity politics perpetuate itself, it reveals what has really happened in America, and explains why it is urgent to change course. This week, he takes us back to the beginning, and explains where we currently stand, and what we need to do to get back to E pluribus unum.