On this GenXish episode, Teri and Fingers catch up on life in isolation (including Teri’s questionable new hobby) and delve into a discussion of the best sitcoms from the 1980s. Shelly Long or Kirstie Alley? Bea Arthur or Betty White? “227” or “Soap”?

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Teri’s guest on the latest Isolation Interview is Scott Walter, president of the Capital Research Center. CRC is an investigative watchdog think tank that follows the money — and guess what they find? The dark web of Democrat donors is spending gobs of cash to politicize the pandemic and, ultimately, take back the White House.

Be sure to read Scott’s insightful piece here: https://spectator.org/democrats-began-politicizing-trumps-coronavirus-response-well-before-senate-gridlock/.

Teri is joined by Mallory Quigley, VP of Communications at SBA List, to talk about the hurdles facing the pro-life movement during the pandemic, the awful way Planned Parenthood wants to expand abortion during the crisis, and the thing Chuck Schumer said the should never be forgotten.

Be sure to go to https://www.sba-list.org/coronavirus to get the latest on the pro-life movement.

Concert, that is.

On this week’s Gen Xish episode, Teri and Fingers discuss how Gen X is faring with coronavirus restrictions and how it’s affecting their families. And, to keep things fun, they talk about their very first concerts and other concerts they’ve been to, spanning the 70s to present day. SPOILER ALERT: Shaun Cassidy is mentioned.

Teri’s guest on the latest Isolation Interview is Andy Mangione, Vice President of AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens). Andy explains what AMAC is doing to make sure issues important to seniors are included in the pending relief package. Also, does Andy think DC policymakers “get it” when it comes to understanding the suffering taking place during the national crisis?

National Review’s Jim Geraghty joins Teri to talk about his deep dive into how China lied in the early days of coronavirus and the one thing they could’ve done to help stem the worldwide spread. Be sure to read Jim’s article here: https://www.nationalreview.com/the-morning-jolt/chinas-devastating-lies/.

And how about that stimulus/relief package slowly making its way through Congress? Jim explains the possible fallout for the obstructionist Democrats.

Movie critic Christian Toto joins Teri with some great ideas on shows to watch to pass the time … and maybe a few to avoid. Also, what’s up with that stupid “Imagine” video? And will Hollywood ever recover from coronavirus?

Be sure to visit HollywoodinToto.com to get the latest from Christian.

Teri is joined by journalist Salena Zito to discuss the plight of everyday Americans during the coronavirus crisis. Salena talks about her recent visit to a homeless shelter and what she’s planning on her upcoming travels into the heartland. Also, what’s the hardest part about self-isolation for Salena? Listen to find out!

Be sure to go to SalenaZito.com to get the latest from this outstanding journalist.

Social media says Gen X was made for self-isolation, so it must be true. Right? Teri and Fingers discuss the “forgotten” generation’s reaction to coronavirus, plus Teri found some TV shows from her youth that can be binged for free (or almost free). Spoiler alert: Dirk Benedict is mentioned. More than once.

Let’s face it, we’re all Gen Xers now.

Teri’s guest this week is Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network. Elaine explains what “Healthcare for You” is all about, why coverage for preexisting conditions is so important, and how President Trump is changing healthcare for the better.

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Last week, we brought you coverage from CPAC. This week, we bring you … the CPAC quarantine! In an expanded Gen X segment, Teri and her segment co-host, Fingers Malloy, talk about their experiences after a CPAC attendee was found to have coronavirus. And the race was on to get Teri’s daughter out of Europe before the travel ban kicked in.

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We’re back! Tune in to find out where we’ve been and what’s next. Also, host Teri Christoph heads to CPAC and talks with four great guests about free speech on college campuses, media bias, the current state of healthcare (there’s a pending Executive Order you need to hear abouts!) and Trump’s judicial nominees … and what might we expect from a Democrat president?

You should listen.

9/11 devastated America, but we awoke united on 9/12. Is the spirit gone forever? Teri Christoph is back to discuss. What did you experience?


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This first episode of the new year is sponsored by one of our favorites, Ritual Vitamins. April and Kira talk about New Year’s resolutions, the border wall and Schumer’s and Pelosi’s convincingly life-like wax figures.

On this week’s episode brought to you by Donors Trust, April and Kira wrap up the year’s events in news and culture – what stories were most surprising, which were least surprising and what 2019 might hold. They also talk about their favorite Christmas traditions and name some of their favorite products of the year.

This week Kira takes the helm alone to discuss strategies for coping with family and guests through the holidays, Kevin Hart and the ridiculous culture of apologies and why we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as an idiot.

Did you hear what Jada Pinkett Smith said about white women with blonde hair? Did you really hear what she was saying? On this week’s show, Kira leads an enlightening discussion about the important role hair plays in black culture … and why hair might be an important bridge between the races. Also, the latest on the wildfires in California and the recount madness in Florida.

The threesome is back together for this coast-to-coast, post-election extravaganza! Starting with the GOP loss in Teri’s home district of VA-10, through the Senate seat pickup in April’s Hoosier country, and ending with the disaster that is Kira’s home state of California, the ladies give you the unvarnished, grassroots perspective on Midterms 2018. Also, when did the Senate popular vote become a thing?

Kira and April are back again! This week they’re hashing out the (trigger warning, Brooke Baldwin) *mob* of a caravan coming toward our border. Also, have adult Halloween costumes jumped the shark?

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