David and Sarah answer all your questions about the legal issues raised by the coronavirus outbreak: enumerated powers, police powers, regulatory takings, quarantines, and martial law.

The president addressed the nation on the coronavirus outbreak, Harvey Weinstein gets 23 years in prison, and Hulu’s new docuseries ‘Hillary’ is now streaming. David and Sarah have thoughts.

Sarah, Steve, Jonah, and David discuss the state of the Democratic primary after Joe Biden puts more distance between himself and Bernie Sanders, the team then take a feminist detour, and finishes with the effect coronavirus is having on the economy.

David and Sarah preview tomorrow’s primaries with a special focus on Michigan, thoughts on coronavirus, the Trump campaign’s lawsuits against the Times, the Post, and CNN, the execution of Nathaniel Woods, and an “in-depth” discussion on the XFL.

David and Sarah have Super Tuesday numbers to dive into, oral arguments in Louisiana’s Supreme Court abortion case, FISA reform, qualified immunity, and is it okay to arrest six-year-olds?

Sarah, Steve, Jonah, and David have a lot to discuss after Joe Biden’s campaign roared back to life with a number of big wins on Super Tuesday. Sarah also gets the guy’s thoughts on the latest with coronavirus and the Afghanistan peace deal.

David and Sarah discuss the likelihood of a brokered convention after Joe Biden’s big win in South Carolina, the appeal court’s Don McGahn decision, the CFPB fight at the Supreme Court this week, and the intersection of #MeToo and revenge porn in the Katie Hill story.

David and Sarah speak with Liz Murrill, Louisiana’s solicitor general, about her case before the Supreme Court June Medical Services v. Russo. The three discuss the facts of the high-profile abortion case, legal strategy, and how Liz preps to face the nation’s highest court.

David and Sarah have a lot on their plate. Can Bernie Sanders assemble a coalition similar to Obama’s 2008 campaign? Will the Supreme Court draw a line between religious freedom and nondiscrimination statutes? And who is David Ayres?

With South Carolina and Super Tuesday on the horizon, Sarah and the guys take a closer look at the Democratic field, examine the Trump administration’s search for disloyalty, and weigh in on the Harvey Weinstein verdict and latest on coronavirus.

Sarah, Steve, Jonah, and David discuss the president’s latest commutations including that of the former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich, and the upcoming Nevada caucuses in the Democratic primary.

David and Sarah examine the decision to not prosecute Andrew McCabe, the eye-opening interview Harvey Weinstein’s attorney gave, and answer which novels have most impacted them.

David and Sarah take on the whirlwind of news surrounding the Roger Stone case, go behind the scenes of opposition research, and share their thoughts on the Netflix docuseries “Cheer.”

Sarah and the guys examine the results of the New Hampshire primary, dive into the debate over electability and the importance of ideological lanes, and discuss the impact going forward of the move to lessen a sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone.

David and Sarah speak with Nikki Neily, president of Speech First, about bias response teams on college campuses, the history of speech codes, and pick their own Oscar winners.

Sarah, Steve, Jonah, and David take on what went wrong in Iowa and the future of the caucus, the president’s third State of the Union address, and the end of the impeachment trial.

David and Sarah look at polling shenanigans ahead of the Iowa caucuses, take a closer look at the history of the 17th Amendment, and discuss the impact of “The Morning Show.”

Sarah and the guys dig into the impeachment trial amid the witness dispute, the administration’s Middle East peace plan, Britain and Huawei, Trump’s impact on the pro-life movement, and predictions for Iowa and the Super Bowl.

David and Sarah discuss the news from John Bolton’s book, what’s wrong with Congress, and the death of Kobe Bryant.

David and Sarah discuss the administration’s moves to protect prayer in public schools with Jennie Bradley Lichter, the deputy director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, Little Sisters return to the Supreme Court, and justices will hear the faithless electors case.