Sara is just as frustrated as you are that the DOJ hasn’t done its job and slams Durham and AG Barr
Sara discusses how to find unity in a divided nation during Thanksgiving and tells her own stories of being around the Thanksgiving table with her family, who fled communism in Cuba. Sara is grateful for her freedom and isn’t done fighting for it.

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Sara and’s Liora Rez discuss why they’re joining forces to combat hate and antisemitism in America. The two discuss the issue as something that should concern all Americans. The hate comes from all sides and unfortunately has made its way into American universities and U.S. Congress.

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Trump Campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis explains the legal case that she believes could overturn the election results
Sara brings in Marci McCarthy to discuss voter fraud she claims to have observed as a ballot counter in Georgia. McCarthy explains how the issues she observed can be fixed if there’s a full audit of mail-in ballots.

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Sara brings in RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to discuss how the Democrats are blocking and bullying Republicans and Trump supporters who are fighting to restore election integrity. McDaniel calls out the hypocrisy from both the left and the media amid an uphill battle against election fraud
Today as the numbers start to favor Biden we all have to look at how we got here and what it means
Sara’s slowly losing trust in the electoral process as the results of Tuesday’s election continue to roll in. She tells listeners exactly what she’s hearing from sources in key states still delaying their results. Rep
Sara is joined by the Trump Campaign’s Erin Perrine who is predicting big wins for President Trump on election night
Sara gets an update on how the Trump campaign is speaking directly to voters days before the election
Rudy Giuliani joins Sara to discuss the Hunter Biden scandal
President Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis joins Sara to discuss big tech’s censorship of the Hunter Biden email reports. She says Congress needs to act and fast to fix or repeal Section 230 to protect free speech
FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr joins Sara to discuss how the government can regulate big tech
Sara discusses the New York Post bombshell story about Hunter Biden’s emails
Sara discusses the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings and brings in Rep. Jim Jordan for the reaction from Capitol Hill
Sara blasts AG Barr after he revealed Durham’s investigation won’t be completed until after the election
Sara and Senator Marsha Blackburn discuss President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, Crossfire Hurricane hearings, and what’s at stake at the ballot box come November
Sara talks about the news that the President and First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19. She also discusses the division that’s ensued in the aftermath of the news breaking