When the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools to in-person learning in the spring of 2020, parents across America began to see firsthand what their kids were learning via Zoom meetings and other virtual platforms. One of those parents, Jill Simonian of California, didn’t like what she saw.

Simonian decided to speak out. She began posting on social media and raising awareness among other parents about what she calls “the radicalization in our schools.” Her outspokenness eventually led to a job at Prager U, the educational organization founded by Dennis Prager.

We likely all have felt the effects of high gas and grocery prices, but what is the government doing to address inflation?


In the midst of the so-called Great Resignation, the far left is calling for the abolishment of all work. Leftist politicians and activists call for the government to step in and create a massive welfare state to eliminate the need for Americans to work at all.

Robert Rector, The Heritage Foundation’s senior research fellow for domestic policy studies, joins the podcast to explain that work is crucial for a functioning and flourishing society. The left’s proposals to replace work with government handouts, Rector says, can have only bad consequences.

The NBA’s Golden State Warriors basketball franchise is trying to distance itself from billionaire co-owner Chamath Palihapitiya following a remark he made on his podcast that “nobody cares” about the Uyghur Muslims facing persecution in China.


A mere 30% of Americans think their country is heading in the right direction. President Joe Biden, elected on the promise of being a uniter with better solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic, has resorted to divisive rhetoric and a socialist agenda.

It’s no wonder many Americans are pessimistic about America’s future. Yet, there is reason to be hopeful, says Hugo Gurdon, editor-in-chief of the Washington Examiner. Restoring America, a new Examiner initiative is celebrating what’s great about America while at the same time confronting the left’s assault on our values.

Nearly 54 years since civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, his words still resound across our nation and his legacy has influenced millions.


Big Tech actors like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube feel increasingly comfortable banning conservative voices from their platforms. But as Big Tech is willing to censor conservatives for their speech, other platforms devoted to free expression are starting to fill the gap.

The director of The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Technology Policy, Lora Ries, contends that as long as these big platforms continue to censor dissent, alternative platforms will crop up to try to serve as alternatives. (The Daily Signal is the news outlet of The Heritage Foundation.)

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is the latest in a string of left-wing mayors to institute a proof-of-vaccination mandate. Starting on Saturday, anyone 12 or older who wants to eat at a restaurant, go to a concert, or see a movie in the nation’s capital will have to present proof of vaccination against COVID-19. Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C., is one of 19 lawmakers to sign a letter asking Bowser to reverse her decision. Norman thinks Bowser’s mandate will have adverse consequences for people living in or visiting the District of Columbia.

“It’s a draconian overreach of government,” Norman says, adding: “This has been a nightmare for so many of the people that are trying to put food on the table, and they’re getting hit with cost increase after cost increase. There is a limit.”

It’s a country few Americans have heard of, but Kazakhstan is going through political unrest that should make everyone sit up and take notice. With Russians on the doorstep and a bevy of strategic resources on the line, there’s a lot at stake.

“[Kazakhstan] has about 40% of the world’s uranium. It has lots of oil and gas and big U.S. companies like Chevron are deeply involved in Kazakhstan,” explains Luke Coffey, director of the Allison Center for Foreign Policy at The Heritage Foundation.

Writer, commentator, and editor Bethany Mandel only wanted to provide alternatives to the woke books being provided to children in school. So she was shocked when Facebook took down her page advertising such alternatives due to “disruptive content.”

“There was no warning,” Mandel says of Facebook’s action. “They told us that our ads were low quality or disruptive content, but they never actually defined what about them was low quality and disruptive content. … This is a wholesome new children’s book [series] that you can buy for your children for Christmas. It couldn’t have gotten less dangerous and more innocuous than our ads. We’re literally just selling children’s books.”

Friday was a critical day for American liberty. The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in two cases to determine whether or not a stay would be issued against President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates.


We’re just one week into 2022 and already political debates are heating up in Washington over election integrity, the Senate filibuster, and spending, among other things.


“Fraud over failure.” That’s what prosecutors argued Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes chose, according to former prosecutor and Heritage Foundation legal fellow Zack Smith. Holmes was accused of defrauding investors with promises of new medical technology that would have revolutionized health care. Smith joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss the ins and the outs of the trial.

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The true agenda of what has become known as the “transgender movement” is to abolish sex, according to author and self-declared feminist Kara Dansky.


When it comes to children’s education, parents know best, Laura Zorc says.


Shortly after taking office as secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson recruited a retired finance and strategy expert to become the agency’s chief financial officer.

Irving Dennis, appointed by President Donald Trump in late 2017, stepped into the job and quickly discovered the mess he inherited. Dennis spent 37 years at Ernst & Young, a major accounting firm. He would use that private-sector experience to fix HUD.

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