In their last episode of the year, the Young Americans arrive at the topic all Internet content gets to eventually: Jordan Peterson. And they do it in-person, a first for this podcast, discussing¬†12 Rules For Life, Jordan Peterson’s best-selling book, as well as his message and personality more generally.

Boo! Sorry, did that scare you? Hopefully not. Because if it did, you might not be able to handle this special Halloween episode of the Young Americans. Jack and the gang discuss their most Millennial fears, their favorite horror movies, and whether horror can be respected as a genre or not. And if this episode scares you too much, please make use of the services of our first-ever sponsor:, an all-purpose relaxation website and app.

As the Young Americans find themselves in the dog days of summer, they wonder whether the “fur-ternity leave” now offered by some companies proves that young people love dogs too much. And with summer coming to a close, they also give some advice for college students going back to school or heading there for the first time.

With their name now official, the Young Americans take care of some unfinished business from the first episode, despite having two different guests. But they spend most of this episode discussing what the difficulty young Trump administration officials are having getting dates (as reported by Politico) says about both our political culture and our dating culture, drawing, in part, from their own dating experiences.