Along with a reflection on the current state of discourse around the national move toward reopening society, the COMMENTARY podcast discusses the ongoing assaults on the old orders. Abroad, China has abandoned its traditional caution and is testing its parameters, aggressively, in every direction. At home, domestic violence has erupted over the arrest-related killing of George Floyd. Where does it all end?

The COMMENTARY podcast discusses how online arguments create incentives to make disproportionately high investments in the outcome of those engagements. Whether the stakes are low or high, the level of tension remains static. A dissection of recent controversies and how they take on a more intense dimension when they are rendered abstractions in the arena of the internet.

The single, all-consuming story of our time continues to dominate the press, but there appears to be an increasing hunger among news consumers for distractions from it. And, so, we discuss them. Trump’s aggressive behavior on Twitter. Viral videos. Joe Rogan and the backlash to his success. We discuss it all.

The COMMENTARY podcast dives into the debate over the bounds of liberty as every state in the Union moves in the direction of reopening their societies and economies. Meanwhile, China’s crackdown presents opportunities for the president to strike politically advantageous contrasts.

The COMMENTARY podcast performs some rank punditry, dissecting the polls that look rather abysmal for Donald Trump and the Senate Republican majority. Also, the hosts discuss how the pandemic’s models deceived policymakers, and how disinclined they and the press appear to be to confront that fact.

Bloomberg View columnist Eli Lake joins the podcast to talk about his latest article in the latest issue of COMMENTARY, “The Railroading of Michael Flynn.” How Trump’s former national security advisor was targeted and squeezed by the Justice Department, and what it means for the rule of law in the United States.

Hollywood veteran Rob Long joins the program to discuss his latest piece in the new issue of COMMENTARY, “How Right-Wing Characters Become Sitcom Sensations.” Also, a didactic discussion about the promise and peril of self-medicating with Hydroxychloroquine.

NBC News’ National Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki joins the COMMENTARY podcast for a discussion about the political fallout that will settle over the country ahead of the 2020 elections. Has the pandemic transformed our politics, or will the full impact of this event not be felt for years to come?

The scandalous allegations against Joe Biden are not going away, and his ability to defuse the issue is in doubt. But the big question is: Will anyone care about it in November? Also, the podcast debates wonder whether Americans ever really police conspiracy theories when those theories reinforce their preferred biases.

The Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro joins the podcast today to talk about lockdown from the perspective of the West Coast. With his hometown of Los Angeles now planning to extend shelter-at-home guidelines well into the summer and early fall, what are the prospects that the public will abide by those recommendations? And what are the chances that those who do will preserve their sanity?

With economic activity likely in the doldrums for some time and the state wielding virtually unprecedented power to suppress individual liberty, some advocates of a nationalist “common good” philosophy are chafing. But we have to ask: Isn’t this what promoting “the common good” looks like?

Will Donald Trump debate Joe Biden? Or is it to his benefit to deprive the Democratic nominee of oxygen? Also, what will be the fate of the movie-going experience? Has the pandemic dealt the movie theater a fatal blow?

Reflecting on the unmasking scandal and the railroading of Michael Flynn by the Justice Department, the COMMENTARY podcast wonders what Barack Obama could have been thinking at the time? Were the last administration’s concerns noble, or at least understandable, but their execution terribly negligent? Or was there something more nefarious at work? Also, we respond to listener emails.

Joe Biden’s running mate will have to meet many criteria: Young enough, experienced enough, and possess the right mix of demographic traits. Or not. The COMMENTARY Podcast welcomes Matthew Continetti back on the show to discuss Biden’s dilemma.

Has the state of lockdown become a strategy for coping with the pandemic in the absence of any real substantive guidance from public officials? The COMMENTARY podcast discusses the backlash against those who question lockdown orthodoxy and asks if those voices have a compelling and rational point? Also, a bit of background on Noah Rothman.

President Donald Trump sat down for an interview with ABC News host David Muir and, depending on what you think of him, he either did reasonably well or poorly. But what is the president to say at a moment when, whatever the question, there are truly no good answers? Also, an exploration of the life and times of COMMENTARY podcast co-host Christine Rosen.

The COMMENTARY podcast gets its morose on with a review of the increasing stress on the nation’s critical supply chain. With shortages persisting and the threat to the food supply becoming urgent, an honest conversation about the trade-offs associated with the lockdown is coming, whether we like it or not. That, and some background on the podcast’s man of mystery, Abe Greenwald.

The COMMENTARY podcast examines all the contradictory notions we’re being asked to overlook. How do you reduce the overall COVID-19 caseload and, also, gradually reopen society? How will reopening local businesses lead to a spike in infections if most people are still too scared to patronize them? How can Democrats rally around Joe Biden and, also, profess their belief that women who claim to be victims of sexual assault deserve society’s deference? The conundrums abound.

Joe Biden is finally made to account for his side of the story today on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” What kind of impact will the controversy involving allegations of sexual assault involving a Senate staffer have on the media landscape, to say nothing of the 2020 race?

Eliana Johnson, editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon, joins the COMMENTARY podcast talks about the story that gripped American media—the allegation that an Arizona couple had poisoned themselves with fish tank cleaner in observance of President Trump’s advice. The real story is, we have learned, much more sordid. Also, can American politicians be trusted to competently balance the needs of a functional society amid this pandemic?