Andrew Cuomo launches a war on chicken wings in a poorly veiled attempt to prevent restaurants and bars from criticizing his overreaching edicts. Also, has Donald Trump become resigned to losing? His tonal shift suggests as much.

What is federalism? How can it be applied to correct this moment of lawlessness in American cities? The hosts of the COMMENTARY podcast engage in a spirited discussion over what voters who reject this lawlessness to do in this moment.

Trump’s tone shifts as he returns to delivering pandemic-related press conferences. The congressional GOP turns its eyes toward the post-Trump era. And the diplomatic crisis with China deepens as the U.S. shutters a Chinese consulate.

The data continues to belie the notion that the country is facing a Coronavirus crisis akin to what the Northeast experienced in the spring. Also, a debate over just how sincere the nation is in its commitment to addressing “systemic racism.” And the auspicious return of Donald Trump’s COVID briefings.

Rising COVID case rates have still not yet manifested in overwhelming hospitalization rates or even rising mortality figures. Donald Trump continues to fail to represent the interests of Americans who fear and resent lawlessness in American cities. And the social justice movement comes for classical music and the meritocracy that elevates the deserving to positions of prominence. The question looms large: How much is enough?

In American cities, the incentives for reopening appear to conflict with the interests of privileged Democratic constituencies. Guess which side of this conflict elected officials are siding with? Also, the subtle bigotry of anti-racism theories like Intersectionality.

As the president’s poll numbers continue to decline, Donald Trump’s campaign has replaced its campaign manager. But the campaign has been far more focused on making the case against the president’s opponent than the president himself. Also, has the public’s anxiety over a new surge of COVID cases outpaced the rate of new infections?

New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss has resigned her post and, in so doing, indicted the entire enterprise of modern journalism and its woke arbiters. The podcast on that and the epistemological crisis afflicting the left.

Why is the press still covering for Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous COVID-19 response? And why is the White House going to war against its own public health advisor, Dr. Anthony Facui? The answer may be the cults of personality surrounding them both.

Donald Trump’s Friday night commutation of his associate, Roger Stone, further reinforces the public’s apprehension about his presidency. Parsing the statistics that contribute to the impression that the country is in the grip of a new surge of COVID-19 cases. And Peter Beinart’s attack on Israel even as the Jewish State is again saving the world from the prospect of a rogue nuclear power in the Middle East.

Today’s podcast features COMMENTARY columnist Matthew Continetti, who joins us to talk in part about his piece, “The Winds of Woke.” Do the Democrats have a civil war ahead of them if they win the presidency in November? And what have we learned about leadership from the past few months? Give a listen.


On today’s podcast, Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Eliana Johnson joins us to discuss the possible fallout from the Supreme Court’s ruling on Donald Trump’s financial records. We also weigh in on the fight over reopening schools, Trump’s missed opportunities, and the sorry state of mainstream journalism.

Today’s podcast takes up the attack on a letter published by Harper’s featuring dozens of prominent liberals and leftists defending free expression—ah, the irony! Also, the Cook Political Report all but declares Trump’s reelection effort doomed, and whether schooling in the fall is doomed. Give a listen. And, don’t forget to subscribe.

Today’s podcast takes up the fact (as detailed in a chart made by David Bahnsen for his indispensable website Covid and Markets) that deaths and ICU admissions in this supposed dangerous new wave of Covid cases simply don’t track with the crisis numbers of a few months ago—something undiscussed in the press. Also, why spend on college when there’s no college? Give a listen. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on here, iTunes, or Stitcher.

We begin with an effort to sort through the conflicting data and partisan clamor that is guiding policymakers toward potentially ill-considered but extremely important decisions about their respective lockdowns. We end with an impassioned attack on the forces of revisionism, which have gone to war to destroy the idea of American goodness.

The rise of new COVID-19 infections around the country has led states to roll back their plans for reopening, which has left the hosts of the COMMENTARY podcast depressed. Also, as Trump’s political position deteriorates, how will the GOP approach populism in the post-Trump era?

The president faces a growing scandal around his response to the allegation that Russia offered bounties to Taliban insurgents for the killing of U.S. troops. But how sound is that intelligence and why do we know about it? Also, Joe Biden skates without any scrutiny of his rapidly self-radicalizing political coalition, but how long can he get away with it? Will the revolution dissolve if he wins in November?

Contrary to popular pronouncements, it does seem as though the national protests around the killing of George Floyd contributed to the rise of COVID-19 infections. The allegation that Russia has been bankrolling the killing of U.S. service personnel in Afghanistan. Also, the national spasm of madness—from the president on down—continues unabated.

COVID-19 cases are rising around the nation, but it is increasingly difficult to get a sense of the pandemic from a media culture that is invested in wrapping the data up in a political narrative. Also, Donald Trump faces a revolt from his right flank amid sagging poll numbers. Can he run an effective campaign against Joe Biden, and what would it look like?

The COMMENTARY podcast takes a look back at where it all began on this, the 500th episode. Also, an exploration of the demands for social leveling inherent in ideas promoted by those advocating a national racial reconciliation and why they may have a point.